Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lessons from the 1st trimester

I am happy that my 1st trimester is over. Jeremy is even happier. It wasn't easy. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled to be pregnant, but that 1st trimester. It's a doozy. So, if you are ever thinking about getting pregnant, ever considering marrying someone who may ever get pregnant, have a child and can commiserate, then you may be interested in some of my lessons from the 1st trimester.
Disclaimer: these are just my personal lessons. Everyone is different. You may feel differently. But I kind-of think #9 is universal for everyone.

1. Bella Bands were not for me. I mean, they're okay for a few weeks while your pants are kind-of getting tight, but personally, I did not like them. They add a lot of bulk to the waist, and well, it's pretty hard to mentally get over the fact that your pants are unbuttoned and unzipped. In my head I was like, "That person knows, they know that my pants are unzipped...yep, they can tell". This is probably just my crazy neurosis, but I couldn't walk around with my pants undone. (In case you've never heard of them, they are elastic bands that you wear over your unbuttoned pants so that you can make your regular pants last longer while your belly grows.)

2. Tums are your friend. You can take tums all you want. They are safe for you, and safe for baby. Eventually, Pepcid will become your friend. And, Pepcid is safe for you, and safe for your baby.

3. You may never eat saltine crackers again, but invest in some NOW. Have them around. Keep them in your nightstand drawer. Eat them immediately upon waking. And, even though you have been told all of your life not to eat before bed...do NOT go to bed hungry. You will be sleeping for +-8 hours, and that will make you an unhappy person if you wake up with a totally empty stomach. Eat a little snack before bed. Even better than saltine crackers...almonds. They are bland, but also provide a little protein.

4. Slow down. This mostly just applies to me. But, generally, in the 2nd and 3rd month of pregnancy, don't make a lot of plans. You won't want to go. You're building a placenta and that takes a lot of work. If you make a lot of night/weekend plans, you will be too sad to cancel them, and you will go...and you will be exhausted...   It's not worth it. Make as few plans as possible in the coming weeks. You will really just want to sleep, and that's ok. It's also really awkward to be around people who are drinking and you have to lie and make up fake excuses of why you are not. So just skip those occasions.

5. Don't go far from a bathroom. The need to pee is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. We made innumerable emergency stops on the side of the road at gas stations, Targets, coffee shops, etc...to go to the bathroom. I almost had to knock on the door of a stranger who lived on Lake of the Isles to ask if I could use their bathroom. And it's not always #1. Your gastrointestinal system is going through some crazy things right now. Graphic, sorry, but true.

6. Maternity stores sell special pregnancy suckers that are supposed to help with morning sickness. They are basically expensive, and less delicious tasting Jolly Ranchers. Skip the expensive pregnancy suckers, go for jolly ranchers. Keep them in your purse, your car, your office drawer. They are your friend. Drop in blood sugar can lead to more nausea. Eat jolly ranchers.

7. Take monthly pictures of your belly and don't let your husband tell you it's stupid. It's fun.
8. Don't buy a "maternity pillow". They are really uncomfortable, and they are huge, and there's nowhere to put them, and they look ugly on your bed. Also, enjoy sleeping on your back while you can. Once the 2nd trimester comes along, you can no longer sleep on your back because it restricts blood flow to the baby.

9. Try not to punch your husband in the face while you are so exhausted you are not sure if it's a better idea to just throw up on the couch, because walking to the bathroom would be too much work. Also try to refrain from using the words, "YOU DID THIS TO ME". Those came out of my mouth almost daily for about 3.5 weeks. They were usually followed by tears of both joy and frustration.

10. ENJOY EVERY MINUTE! (even #5. Try to enjoy #5. It will be hard, but try.)

Just a few of my lessons. 


KRISTIN said...

I can't even tell you how much I love this!

Abby said...

I will bring you Jolly Ranchers - have a ton! :) Love, your Hershey hook-up! xoxo