Thursday, May 3, 2012


I met some girlfriends downtown Minneapolis for lunch today.

I parked in the Target store parking ramp.

While riding the elevator down to the parking garage, there was a gentleman standing across from me.

The man was very well dressed. In one hand, the man was carrying a Chanel shopping bag tied with a beautiful gold bow. He had clearly just purchased a very, very nice, expensive gift for someone.

In his other hand, the man was carrying a 12 pack of single-ply, basic toilet paper.

I stared at this man for an inappropriately long time, thinking to myself, wow, do we have different priorities.

You see..I would go for the high end toilet paper. And the not-so-fancy gift.

You've only got one tush. Treat it well.

Really, single-ply, buddy?

1 comment:

Scorpicon said...

Maybe it was a gag gift. A decoy of sorts. I would like to think that.