Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Seattle and Airplanes

Over Memorial Day weekend, Jeremy and I traveled to Seattle for a little vacation. With our upcoming little arrival in October, we are trying to travel as much as possible right now, assuming, after October, we will never leave the house, let alone the state again after baby arrives. Ever.

I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before, but dear husband, has airplane issues. He hates to fly, but loves airplanes. Normal, I know. So when planning the trip to Seattle, he really wanted to visit the Boeing headquarters to tour, and see his favorite airplanes in production.

Again, loves planes....
Hates to fly...

On our way out to Seattle, Jeremy selected a flight that was on a Boeing 767, one of his favorite airplanes, due to its wide body style, and safety record. We had great seats in the middle section of the plane, bulkhead, with lots of leg room. I had the aisle, due to my mid-pregnancy need to pee every 20 minutes, and he took the middle.

We sat in our seats, and got ready for the flight.
For me, this means, I begin to snooze.
For Jeremy, this means he pulls out the airline safety card, and begins to review, while checking to make sure our seat cushion life rafts are in place, and surveying all emergency exits.

Our 3rd seatmate wandered over to our seat, in a surprisingly loud and boisterous fashion. She told the person behind us that she, "Works for the airline company". In those terms. We were confused, but went about our respective business. Snoozing for me. Panicking for Jeremy.

Seatmate sat down and began to twirl her very, very long hair. She leaned her head towards Jeremy while pulling and playing with her hair. He was visibly grossed out, but too concerned with proper airplane takeoff procedures to pay much attention.

Then, out of nowhere, the girl goes limp, and her head falls onto Jeremy. Instead of having great concern for this, now obviously drunk girl next to us, he screams at the top of his lungs, as her hair is now all over him, and her head is in his lap. He screams and throws her whole body back into its seat. Then the girl literally collapses into her own lap in a heap.

At this point, I try my hardest to maintain composure, and not laugh hysterically, and then bound from my seat to find the nearest flight attendant to help this girl. The flight attendant shakes the drunk girl awake which then causes drunk seatmate to scream at the top of her lungs due to the surprise of being woken.

Drunk girl comes to, and convinces the flight attendant she's okay to fly..and that she travels a lot, because she works for BOEING. Yes, Boeing. Jeremy's trust in airplanes has now been shattered due to drunk seatmates behavior.

Regardless, we made it to Seattle safely, toured Boeing, ate fish, ate pastries, walked, saw an amazing Chihuly art exhibit, ate more pastries, visited the aquarium, and then ate a bit more.
Jeremy behind the wheel of a Boeing aircraft at the Museum of Flight

Jeremy instructing me how to fly this airplane at the Museum of Flight

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