Thursday, June 7, 2012

20 Weeks!

This week marks the midpoint in my pregnancy! Halfway there!!!

This is both hard to believe, and quite easy to believe. I kind of feel like I've been pregnant forever. But I also cannot believe that we will be holding the little Franklet in about 4.5 months.

20 weeks also marks the pivotal "anatomy ultrasound". For most people, this is likely the only ultrasound they will receive throughout their pregnancy, unless they have underlying issues. We have already had two ultrasounds as I have endometriosis, a very common condition.

This is also the time when you can decide if you want to know the gender of your baby.

I am a control freak.

A huge control freak.

I needed to know. Absolutely needed to know. There are a lot of crazy things happening in my body these days, things that are quite surprising, I needed to know one of those surprises. And, fortunately, Jeremy also could not wait to find out the gender. If he had wanted to wait, I might have needed to find out and keep it a secret from him. I really couldn't wait any longer.

We have heard about these crazy, extravagant 'gender reveal' parties, where the ultrasound tech finds out the gender, writes it on a slip of paper...puts it in an envelope...then you bring it to a baker, who bakes a cake the color of the gender (i.e. pink food coloring for a girl, blue for a boy) and then frosts it in white frosting. You host a party, and cut the cake, and the parents, along with everyone else, finds out the gender at the same time via the cake.

That's just not my thing.

After making it quite clear to my friends that I was not going to find out via a cake, they decided that they wanted to be surprised in some way.

Enter: the hot dog and fish taco party.

My friends Debra and Alex hosted us for dinner, and created a menu of Hot Dogs (boy) and Fish Tacos (girl). The plan was that Debra would make both, and, based upon which we choose, they would learn the gender of the baby.  And so, we played along. And it was quite fun.

So you want to know if we ate fish tacos...or hot dogs???

Hot Dog, left; Fish Taco, right.

This is where Jeremy got nervous. Thus grabbing his chest.

Me, reaching for.....the FISH TACO

(Photo Credit: Thank you Alex for photographing the reveal!)


KRISTIN said...



That is that most hilarious and amazing gender reveal idea EVER! We're having a reveal party but Jason and I are finding out at the doctor just the two of us first.

Mel said...

So excited to meet Miss Frank! so excited for you!

Shay said...

Great news! Hope she's a model tenant, with minimal kicking and squirming these next months. Congratulations!