Tuesday, June 26, 2012

And so life changes

When I was young, I was excited about most things. Namely anything involving athletics (bike rides, softball, playing on the swing set, swimming pools).

As I got older, and changed, so too did my source for excitement.

Eventually, nothing was more exciting than wearing a cool new outfit to school. That outfit usually involved scrunch socks, and a matching hair tie. And eventually, the latest Abercrombie sweater that I just had to have.

By high school there was nothing more exciting than learning to drive and then eventually getting my own car, a purple Toyota Rav4. It was hot. I loved that car.
College rolled around, and my life revolved around my sorority. There was literally nothing in the world more exciting to me than my sorority. Okay, so not gonna lie, there are still not too many things more exciting to me than my college sorority...I still think it's pretty fab.

Hearing about the upcoming weekend's parties, that was exciting.

Graduating, and obtaining a fantastic job in my field of study...moderately exciting, but nothing on the scale of the purple Rav4.

Getting engaged and then marrying the most amazing guy I know, that was pretty exciting.
And then today I received an email, and I realized that life had changed once again. I mean, I obviously know that life is changing a lot for me right now with the baby...but now it has finally sunk in. This one really solidified the fact that I am entering a brand new stage of life. 

A new stage similar to the scrunch socks, similar to the Rav4, similar to the sorority, but yet entirely different in how insanely boring it is.

Today I got an email explaining that I had qualified for "Super Preferred Non Tobacco" status for life insurance and was literally giddy with joy.

A whole new stage of life. 

Gone are the days of scrunch socks, purple Rav4's and sorority parties. Bring on the Super Preferred Non Tobacco status for life insurance.

The realization of life's change has just set in.

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Mel said...

Awesome! Will you email me your agent's info? We need to shop for more coverage.