Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dinnertime conversation

I'm not sure that I really understand what appropriate dinnertime conversation involves.

When I was growing up, my mom, sister and I would usually talk about business, friends or school, while my dad usually read the newspaper. So, maybe that is typical.

In the Frank family household, our dinnertime conversation varies a bit. It usually begins with an entertaining story from one or both of our workplaces. We then move on to very important discussions. Such as this evening...

We have all but given up on enriching our baby's life with music out of our own mouths. We tried. A wonderful friend even made me a CD with childrens songs so that we could practice. It's still painful. The Franklet will ask to be returned to my womb if we sing to it.

And so, we decided stories would be much more valuable.  We are creative. We can come up with fun stories to tell the little Franklet.

And so, this evening's discussion related to the children's stories and their theme. So, while our child's life will not be enriched by music, it will be enriched by stories of....The Adventures of Punky and Stanley Frank. (our dogs)

Somehow, the children's stories segued into a debate over what would happen to the baby if our dogs babysat the baby. No, we would not actually leave our child with our dogs, but you know, in theory.

We theorized that Stanley, the overweight, jolly, silly, happy-go-lucky one, would be like Mrs. Doubtfire. Large, sloppy, goofy, hilarious, Mrs. Doutbfire and Stanley.

Mrs. Doubtfire
Mr. Stanley Benjamin Frank

Punky on the other hand, sassy, demanding, spoiled, but oh so wonderful, Punky...would be more like Nanny 911. Strong, demanding, ultimately gets what she wants. Punky and Nanny 911.
Nanny Punky
Nanny 911

As I said, I'm not certain that these dinnertime conversations are normal. In fact, I'm fairly sure they are not. But they are entertaining.

Oh little Franklet, you have no idea what you are in for.

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