Friday, June 29, 2012

Have a great week!

We will be out of town next week on our very random 'Babymoon', but wanted to wish you all a very happy 4th of July!

Have fun, enjoy the weather, wave a flag, go to a cabin, eat some watermelon, whatever it is that you like to do on the 4th of July.

In my family, growing up, we would drive to the local park where we could see a few sets of fireworks. My dad would let us climb on the top of our car and lay up there to watch the fireworks. It seemed like the most exciting thing in the world, being allowed to sit on top of the car! Typically, I would request that we bring my dog, Snickers, along for fireworks. I would whine and complain until finally my dad agreed, and let us bring Snickers the beagle.

And then every year, the fireworks would start, and Snickers would get scared. He would drive us nuts in the car (he was a terrible car rider), and then bark and whine as the fireworks went off. And yet every year, I would whine and complain, and every year my dad obliged and let our little Beagle come along for the ride.

That's a pretty good Dad.

Happy 4th of July! Have a fun and SAFE week!

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