Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shopping for Baby Stuff

We are officially past the halfway point in my pregnancy, which's time to look at baby stuff. We spent some time this past weekend looking at cribs, dressers and car seats.
I figured it was best to look at a few things at a time.
So as to avoid complete over-stimulation.

We visited a fabulous local baby store with very helpful people  (Baby Grand)   The people are amazing, and they didn't think our questions were dumb, nor did they (outwardly) find it strange when I wanted to photograph Jeremy carrying the car seat around with the dummy baby inside of it.
Jeremy with 10 lbs dummy infant in car seat
We selected a crib, a dresser, and narrowed our car seat choices down to two. Quite successful! We found that our crib selections were greatly limited by two factors.
1. We are not large people. Most of the cribs are so enormous, we could not pull dummy baby out of said crib. And so, we selected a smaller crib. Babies are small. Why do they make such enormous cribs!?

2. Jeremy wisely pointed out that many of the cribs look like baby jails. And he is correct. Many, many of the cribs look like baby jails. And once you get that in your head, it's pretty hard to look at them and think they look like anything but a baby jail.

And so, we picked out this beauty...which is pretty un-jail-like.
Babyletto Modo
We attempted to start a registry at Target as well, but became far too overwhelmed, so we are bringing in the big guns.
Our friend Ali.
Ali is one of the greatest moms we know, and she knows her baby stuff. So, Ali will take us registering. And by that I mean, I will hand over the registry gun, and have her register for all of the things we will need. Thanks Ali! :-)

And then today, I open my friend Greta's blog. Greta has an almost 1 year old daughter, and today she posted a fabulous re-cap of the Must Haves for Baby's First Year. And so I added every single thing to my list.

Anyone else have recommendations for us? We have no idea what we are doing here.


Unknown said...

So many things . . . go try on baby wraps somewhere. You'll probably want an ergo or a boba or one of those when the baby is about 4-5 mo old, but before that, especially since it will be very cold, you'll want a wrap.

Buy Baby 411 - best book ever for the first year. But don't let Jeremy read too much in one sitting or he will start freaking out about all of the ailments the baby might have.

Your cousins have some crazy carseat thing that keeps the baby weinblatts warm.

Pacifiers (the pink and blue ones everyone has, but Ali will know this)

Last but not least, my secret weapon for diaper rash - antifungal cream. Like for athlete's foot. Clears it right up.

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