Thursday, June 21, 2012

Spaghetti Squash

It's time for a Franklet here goes...
Size of the baby?  
About 8 inches long and 1 pound
The size of a spaghetti squash....
both delicious and enormous

Maternity Clothes?  
Uh yes, maternity, or flowy dresses. Perhaps it is because I am so short, but my belly has popped. I thought I would include a photo because when other people are pregnant, that's really what I want to see and they never post photos. So here goes...
13 Weeks

21 Weeks (and Stanley, who wanted to be in the photo)

Stretch marks?  
Nope, not yet...woo hoo!

Best Moments?  
 I'm going to be quite honest here, my best moments have been feeling NORMAL again. I can eat most foods again (with the exception of chicken, which I still hate), and in general, I don't feel bad at all. The 2nd trimester truly is quite amazing. 

Baby is moving constantly. It should be any day when others can feel it too. I am very excited for that.

Food Cravings?   
Smoothies. It's basically all that I want to eat. I went to a smoothie shop the other day for lunch, and they ran out of bananas for the smoothies and I literally had a breakdown. It was inappropriate. I was beyond upset. Fortunately, the nice smoothie people improvised for the crazy pregnant lady freaking out over her lack of smoothie and made one without bananas.

Anything making you queasy or sick? 

 What I'm looking forward to?  
 Next week we will take our "Babymoon". We were going to do a big European adventure, but changed our plans due to Jeremy's concerns over long flight times with a pregnant, complainey wife, and what he considered inadequate health care in our locations of choice. So, we are going to Montreal and Austin. Random? Yes! Fun? Absolutely! 

Swollen feet. It has been HOT in Minnesota. 90+ degrees all week. This, combined with pregnancy has made my feet swell. And I don't exactly have the type of job where I can wear flip flops. Shoes have become a bit of a struggle. And my mom has convinced me not to buy new shoes because often women's feet grow after childbirth. Lovely.

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


KRISTIN said...

EEEk! You look so cute! And I'm with you...second trimester is where it's at! :)

Randee said...

you are adorable!!! keep posting the belly shots, those are my favorite too (next to, of course, the pictures of the baby after he/she is born :) )!!

Josh said...

True or false: The baby Franklet is currently already bigger than Jeremy?