Thursday, July 12, 2012


Franklet update....
  Size of the baby?  
About 9 Inches Long, 1.7 pounds
About the size of an eggplant...
For some reason a spaghetti squash seems larger than an eggplant. And spaghetti squash was a few weeks ago, but I'll try not to question the app. They say eggplant, eggplant it is.
Maternity Clothes?  
Uh yes. I can still wear some longer, regular shirts and regular dresses, but the Franklet is getting LARGE! Here's the belly shot, though it scares me (this is a non-maternity shirt, but it's long and stretchy). Proof that I am quite small and that this baby is soon going to overtake my entire body...
25 Weeks

Stretch marks?  
Nope, not yet, still vigilant about lotion. 

Best Moments?  
We had our regular monthly checkup this week and had really only one question for the doctor. 
"Is there such thing as too much movement?"
Her answer, "No, not really, too little, yes, but not too much."
And then she got out the little doppler thing to try to read the Franklet's heart rate. Turns out our little one was squirming so much she could barely get a heart rate. I told her this baby was active. Like her mama. The doctor just kept laughing.

See above! She is moving a TON, and others can feel it now which is really fun. She is particularly active at night. The dogs lay on my belly and sit there while she squirms around. My pups are already protective of their little sister.
Food Cravings? 
Smoothies. Still smoothies. That's really the only thing. Last night Jeremy wanted ice cream, I wanted a smoothie. If I could live on smoothies I would do so. It does not help that it has been extremely warm in Minnesota lately, so smoothies are extra lovely in the heat.

Anything making you queasy or sick? 
Still off of chicken. It's possible I could eat it now, but the thought just makes me sick. chicken.

What I'm looking forward to?  
Uh...October! I really just want to meet her!
Honestly, this is the best I have felt so far during my pregnancy. Nausea is gone, indigestion is mostly gone, I feel like myself. I am not at all uncomfortable (except the aforementioned inability to sleep). I feel great.   I'm doing my regular workouts, walking, spin class, yoga, elliptical etc...  I really feel awesome.

And now everyone asks about the name. So, I'll share my stock answer here. We have a couple of great options, are still looking at others, and will make our final decision once we can look her in the face. 
What if we named her Gertrude, and she comes out looking way more like a Francine?
Then poor Gertrude Frank would have to live her life wishing she was Francine Frank. And that would just not be fair.

So, for now, she's Franklet.

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KRISTIN said...

please name your baby francine frank!