Thursday, July 19, 2012

Paddle boarding

Okay finally, my paddle boarding update.

We did it! It was a BLAST! I loved it. My dad was the photographer, but we were boarding a bit too far out into the lake, so the pictures are blurry. Here is one of Jeremy, as proof. And, he didn't even wear a life jacket!!
We rented the paddle boards at Lake Calhoun, and the guy took one look at me, and was visibly shocked. He didn't say anything, but was kind-of stumbling over his words, and then finally said:
"Uh, I mean, you're pregnant, right? You really want to do this?"
It must have taken all of this guy's courage to say that, most guys are too afraid to call a girl out for being pregnant, but really, these days, it's quite obvious.
Another paddle boarding employee, this time female, walks over, looks at me, and says to the guy:
"This girl's fine. She has confidence, that's all you need."
Amen, sista! That's right!
And up I climb, unassisted, onto my paddle board. The guy tried to give me a few instructions, but before he could finish his first sentence, I was off and running. It took a minute to get my balance straight, given the 2 pound eggplant that I am currently carrying on my front side, but after that, I was just fine.

I started paddling out towards the middle of the lake, and then looked back to find my husband. I assumed he was right behind me paddling along.


He was still trying to get on the paddle board.

I reversed course, and returned to him, so we could paddle together. I started to get close to his board and he screamed:
Now this was the one and only time at which I thought I might fall off my board. But that was due to laughing, not instability.

I decided it was best to leave him alone, to learn the paddle board, and gain some confidence, while I paddled around. I expected to see him turn back around and swim to shore, call it a day.

To my surprise, after paddling around for a few minutes, he seemed to gain confidence. I paddled back over again and said, "Uh, should I still STAY AWAY?", and again, to my absolute surprise, he responded:
"No, it's kind-of fun now".
Yes, he found a water-sport that he considered 'fun'.
So I guess this would probably be the second time I almost fell off my board, but this time due to shock.

And so we paddled, and paddled, and had a great time.

We never fell in, remained completely dry. 

I highly recommend it! Anyone want to join me? It's going to be another scorcher this weekend....we could go paddle boarding again!


Scorpicon said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I'd love to try it out!

Debra Fiterman said...

You better hope my mom NEVER reads this post!!!

Unknown said...

Love the image of Jer screaming at you that he is unstable! You are inspiring me to try paddle boarding now.

Mel said...

I would love to join you some day.