Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Sleep is a challenge these days.

Jeremy thinks it is the universe's way of training me to be a new mom.

I think it's cruel.

There is one major reason why I cannot sleep:

You cannot sleep on your back during your 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy because your growing belly puts too much pressure on your vena cava, which can cut off blood supply to the baby. Here is the more technical, medical explanation:
Why you cannot sleep on your back...

Stupid vena cava.

Very frustrating.

I always sleep on my back. Well, 90% of the time. The rest of the time I move all around. But generally, I sleep on my back. This is a big problem. It may not seem like it to you, but try, for one night, to sleep in your most uncomfortable position (i.e. if you are a side sleeper, sleep on your stomach).

Not so fun.

I'm not complaining because I'm thrilled to be pregnant. Well, okay, I'm kind of complaining, but it's more complaining-ish.

So to combat this problem, I have resorted to buying pillows. Many, many pillows. Every kind of pillow I can find.

The pregnancy Wedge

The Snoogle

The body pillow

Decorative pillows placed all around me to prevent me from rolling on my back.

And finally, a tempurpedic mattress cover thingey.

I am now up to 6 pillows at night.

6 pillows.

Punky is perplexed by my pillow collection...

Stan loves my pillow collection...
It is just not natural to sleep on one's side. If it was natural, people would not be born with shoulders. You see, I believe it is the shoulder that creates the fundamental problem with sleeping on one's side.

I just keep hoping that each morning, someone will come out with a research study stating that the whole "Don't sleep on your back" thing was incorrect.

Literally, I have dreams that I wake up, turn on the news, an the top headine is...
New report states sleeping on your back is the best way to a healthy pregnancy

But alas, no such news report yet.

Perhaps tomorrow.

Until then...we might need a larger bed to accommodate all of my pillows. I have been averaging about 1 pillow purchased per week. At this rate, we will be taken over by pillows very shortly.


Rachel Rosen said...

Ok so this might be a little weird but what if you prop yourself up so your not laying flat on your back but more reclining.... like if you were in a lazyboy? Would that be ok for the ole vena cava?

Kara Frank said...

I could, but I would have to sit very upright, like in one of those reader pillow chair thingeys and I can't sleep that upright. Apparently I'm a very particular sleeper.

Mel said...

I have another friend that is going through this very same thing. She has been sleeping in their recliner. You probably could have bought one for the same price as all the pillows!
Or how about a waterbed? :)