Monday, July 30, 2012


For both the dogs...and us. Maybe more for the dogs.

We took our last trip pre-baby this past weekend. Two of my closest girlfriends and I (two of the ones who are also pregnant) planned a trip to surprise our husbands. They knew we were going somewhere, but did not know where.  For months they have been trying to guess the destination, to no avail.

Jeremy was able to narrow down the choices as he knew we left Thursday afternoon and returned Sunday night. Jeremy has memorized the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport flight schedules and thus knows where we could possibly go that would fit into those time frames. He was also able to determine the airline based on that amount of information.

We surprised the men with a trip to Kennebunkport, Maine. It was fantastic. We did not see George Bush Sr. (who summers there). But, we did see his home, and his fishing boat. And his secret service boats. And his church, which I really, really wanted to visit on Sunday morning, so we could see him. Nobody else was on board. They thought we might look a bit out of place, six Jewish people going to Church on a Sunday morning. But I've never seen a president, current or former, in person.           

While we were gone, my amazing parents and sister/brother-in-law babysat our dogs. And I'm pretty sure the dogs are now depressed that they had to go back home.

Friday was Punky's 5th Birthday, so my mom bought a cake, and had a party for her. Really, I think she just wanted an excuse for cake...
Punky's 5th Birthday Cake (human cake)

Punky and her Grandma aka: Punky's favorite person in the entire world

Punky feasting on Birthday Cake at Grandma and Papa's house

And Stanley visited Camp Robyn and Jason for his weekend of fun where he walked the lakes, and went out to brunch. Needless to say, Stanley crashed and was a bit exhausted when he came home from his paradise.
Stanley, passed out.
Clearly everyone is ready to be Grandparents/Aunts/Uncles in October.

And if my dogs are any indication, I predict picking up the Franklet after babysitting, exhausted, on a sugar high, and in need of about a week of sleep.


Robyn said...

We LOVED having Stan visit!!!! I do think if given the chance most of the staff at Lucia's would have taken him home because they thought he was so sweet. If anyone needs a dog-friendly brunch place I HIGHLY recommend it. They brought him a bowl of water and house made dog treats!!!

Jenna said...

there are so many amazing things about this post. love, love the birthday cake. congrats again on your little girl!