Friday, August 24, 2012

Interview time

The Franklet arrives in just over 8 weeks...and that means...time to pick a pediatrician! I LOVED my pediatrician growing up. I went to him until I turned 18. Right before my 18th birthday, I called his office to make an appointment for a checkup. They asked how old my child was. I told them that I was the patient. The receptionist laughed. It was in that moment I realized it was time to find a new doc, and now, 10+ years later, I still have not found one I liked as much as that pediatrician.

So, we see this as a big decision! We want to find someone that the Franklet loves as much as we loved our pediatricians growing up.

And the Franklet's Dad is a bit protective. And wants the best for his baby. And wants to make sure he can call the doctor at 2:00am to discuss the rash on her butt.

So last night, we went to 'prospective parents night' at our first choice pediatrician's office. The office is lovely, they answered all of our questions, the doctor was fantastic, everything met our needs.

And then it was Q&A time. Now, I had questions, but Jeremy didn't think they were appropriate to ask. However, I think they are pivotal questions that make any child's pediatric medicine experience.

1. Do the kids get a sucker out of a Pinocchio jar after vaccinations? (I always got a sucker out of a Pinocchio jar. I would settle if the Franklet got a sucker out of a different jar, but she needs candy after shots. That's a requirement.)

2. How hard is it to cheat on the eye test in this office (because I cheated it every year, and made it 5 extra years before I had to get glasses)

3. Do you have a subscription to Highlights for kids magazine?

4. Please review the toys available in your lobby.

5. How do you react when a kid kicks and screams when you are trying to do a throat culture/give them a vaccine? (Because I was that kid, and I anticipate my daughter will be the same)

These all seemed like very important questions to me. The other parents were asking about the urgent care hours, and the vaccine schedule.

I wanted to know about suckers and toys.

What does that say about me as a parent?!

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Robyn said...

Did you ask if they have safety suckers? They can't give out regular candy just the safety suckers.