Friday, August 17, 2012

Light Fixtures

I found these awesome light fixtures at Crate and Barrel yesterday. Problem is, I don't need any light fixtures. I seriously have a light fixturing problem. I love them. So many different options. They completely change the look of a room. Yes, I have an obsession with light fixtures.

But these ones are really cool. And they're an AMAZING deal. And I have nowhere to put them. So you should go buy them.
If you live in Minnesota, they have them on display at the Galleria store.
Go buy them.
Then invite me over so I can look at them in your house.
They're cooler than they look in photos...

I think you should get one of each shape. And put them over your kitchen table, or island.


Beth said...

I am thinking of putting one of these in a bedroom -- what do you think? It's a very large room.

Kara Frank said...

I would probably group 3 of them together if they're going in the middle of a room. Maybe one of each style.