Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Little Soldiers

We recently took a class with our other pregnant friends called, "Dogs and Storks". It covers issues that people have when they bring babies into homes with dogs. All of our preggo friends have dogs. They are our children. I know that will change, but I really, really love my dogs, and I want to be prepared for the enormous change that is about to happen to them.

After this class I was panicked. Our dogs are great, but they have some issues.

Stanley barks when he is not with humans. He hates to be away from people.

Punky tries to run out the door when people come over.

Generally, our dogs run our house. We cater to their every need. They are our children. It is 100% our fault. But they're so stinkin' cute.

Towards the end of this class, the trainer emphasized that we all still had time left before the babies arrived, and we should really spend it working with them on their specific issues. She mentioned that there are day trainers who can come in if you are really 'Lazy' and train your dogs for you.

We are not lazy. We are busy. We both have professional jobs that require 40+ hours per week. We don't have hours and hours at home to work on barking. That doesn't make us lazy, it makes us, busy. Or lazy. Whatever.

As the trainer was leaving, Jeremy nearly chased her down, asking quietly if he could have the name of that "Lazy person's trainer". He said, "Ya know, in case we know someone who might need them".


So we hired the Lazy person's trainer.

And requested that she turn our dogs into little soldiers.

We gave her a list of things we wanted them to do.
1. No barking for attention
2. Stay out the nursery
3. It would be nice if Stanley would go in his kennel. But he refuses.
4. Wait at the door
5. Drop it/Leave it
6. Don't pee in the house
7. Don't lick everyone

Little soldiers, I requested.

The trainer spent the past 3 weeks working with our dogs and came last night to 'present what they had learned'. I fully expected her to show up with our check in her hands, returning it because they couldn't be trained.

She didn't return our check, but she did start with, "Well, I didn't make as much progress as I would have liked." 

Little soldiers they are not.

But they're on the right track. I guess. And now we have to work with them ourselves. But I suppose she started them on the right track.

And so begins....Little Soldiers boot camp at the Frank family home.

I have created the following calendar to track our daily training sessions.

Boot Camp begins tonight.

We have 10 weeks to get these dogs in shape.

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