Wednesday, August 15, 2012

She's a Butternut Squash

Franklet update....
  Size of the baby?  
About 17 inches long, 3.1 pounds
About the size of a butternut squash...
She looks just like us...doesn't she!?
Maternity Clothes?  
Uh yes. And sadly, I am starting to grow out of my first round of maternity clothes. Here are my two tips for maternity clothes...
1. If it seems too big when you first try it on, early in your pregnancy, it's probably perfect. Do NOT buy things that fit at that time. It should fit in the shoulders, that's about it.
2. When you first go shopping for maternity clothes, remember, if you think you will want something at some point in your pregnancy, buy it now. You will have 6 months tops to wear these clothes, get as much wear out of them as possible. Buy everything you think you will want early, and wear it a lot.

Jeremy has been leaving for work early I took my own pic this time.
Stretch marks?  
Nope, thankfully, still no stretch marks. Thanks for the good genes, Mom! (they say it has nothing to do with lotion's all genetics)

Best Moments?  
The other day I was sitting at my desk, resting my hand on my belly, when all of a sudden, my hand was propelled off of my belly. I put it back on there, and again, boom, pushed off my belly. Turns out our little girl already has opinions about what she wants, and how she wants it. And apparently she doesn't want her mom resting her arm on her!

Oh yes, our little one continues to be VERY active. I really don't think she sleeps. She just squirms and kicks all day long. Like her mom.
Food Cravings?   
Not really. I'm back to being pretty uninterested in a lot of foods. I tried Salmon for the first time in a long time last night. That was a bad idea. I tried chicken last week, also a terrible idea.

Anything making you queasy or sick? 
Chicken, Salmon and Broccoli. Three foods I used to like a lot. Fortunately, ice cream is still quite enjoyable!

What I'm looking forward to?  
Normal workouts. I found out at the doctor this week that my regular workout routine is causing me to have slight contractions. Not Braxton Hicks, but real contractions. So, he told me to 'take it easy'. I don't 'take it easy'. It's really not in my nature. I'm really struggling with this news. I know most people would delight in the news that they should back off of the workouts, but I am not delighting in this news. Instead, I'm panicking.

Contractions from workouts. And strange emotional bouts. And, this is going to sound strange, but my What to Expect when You're Expecting book says it's perfectly normal....boredom with pregnancy. Please don't judge me, but this blog is about honesty, and I'm really getting bored with it. 10 more weeks to go and I'm sick of waiting. I'm not a patient person.

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