Friday, August 3, 2012


There's something you should know about me.

Deep down, I'm really still basically a 10 year old. You know how most people get older, and stop giggling at ridiculous things? And when something is slightly funny or embarrassing, they are able to control their emotions and laughter? Well, I cannot. Particularly the giggling.

When I was in elementary school, my mom was once called by my music teacher to discuss my behavior in school. He was upset because I was giggling in class. This teacher wore the world's tightest pants and was beyond strange. Of course I was giggling in class. And what did my mom do when the teacher called? She giggled. And then told him that she was glad I was happy, and she was unconcerned about giggling. And so I have continued to live my life, laughing uncontrollably at hilarious things.

Case in point:
Last night, I went to a prenatal yoga class with one of my aforementioned pregnant friends, Debra. Now, prenatal yoga class in itself is pretty hilarious. There are sculptures of pregnant people all around. There is a room full of pregnant people, very pregnant people, which for some reason, always makes me laugh. The instructors are constantly talking about the beauty of the birthing process. All of these things typically cause me to laugh.

Last night, at the beginning of prenatal yoga class, we were asked to draw a card from the deck of "Goddess Cards", and leave it face down on our mat. We were then all instructed to turn over our cards and read them to ourselves and envision why that card was so meaningful in our lives right now.

This whole scene already sparked my giggling.

And then we turn the cards over.

I read my card to myself...
Okay, so that's not so hilarious, it's kind of sweet. I can get on board with this one. I would even agree that the universe has been pouring its abundance out to me. Lovely.

Then Debra turns over her card.
Bodies of water. Basically, her card tells her to find the nearest pool. Or in her case, as she has been struggling with terrible morning sickness, my interpretation was...the nearest toilet.

And this causes me to laugh uncontrollably. Like literally uncontrollably.

We are then asked to go around the room and say our name, "guess date", where we are birthing (we are the only two that have selected certified doctors, birthing in a hospital, with an epidural, and not in water), and then finally we have to read our Goddess cards.

I read my card in my head over and over, sure I would start giggling while reading. I managed to get through, and then it was Debra's turn to read. While everyone else reads their motivational card, I just stare at her, about to read...bodies of water, go find a pool. At this point, I am literally unable to breathe.

And it's Debra's turn...

"Uh, yea, I'm Debra, and I'm birthing at Fairview, and...and...and...I have bodies of water, uh, I mean Sulis, yea."  And then she looks pathetically at the next person, hoping that she will go and relieve her of any further discussion of bodies of water.

And my laughter continues.

I always thought that becoming a mother would relieve me of some of my girlish giggles. I think I was wrong. I might be the first 80 year old that still giggles at something hilarious in the nursing home.

Perhaps there are some things you just never grow out of.

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HarrisHobbyHome said...

I have to say I found this hilarious!! I'm a giggler myself. Honestly I could definitely see my best friend and I in this exact same situation. We are both pregnant as well. Thank you for the laugh! It's hard to find things that make me happy in the 1st trimester!!