Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Stanley Benjamin

Today marks a very important day in the Frank is our youngest child's 2nd birthday.

Stanley Benjamin Frank.

Yes, we celebrate dog birthdays in our house.

This little puppy entered our lives two years ago, much to the shock and surprise of his sister, the previously only child, Punky Lynn Frank.

Everyone was a bit tentative about his arrival.
Concerned that he wouldn't fit in.
Worried that he wouldn't like his sister.
Nervous that he would not have the winning personality that his sister has.


Stanley Benjamin, how you've changed our lives.
From the idolized your sister

We realized early on that you would be an excellent dance partner for your Dad

You won over hearts with your dapper ways and charming good looks

You have not left your sister's side since the day you arrived in our home

You have fallen in love with your baby sister, before she is even born

You are the most amazing cuddler in the entire world.
Happy 2nd Birthday Stanley Benjamin Frank. You are one incredible little guy.

Monday, September 24, 2012


Size of the baby?  
About 19-22 Inches Long, 6 pounds
About the size of a large cantaloupe...
Maternity Clothes?  
Oh heck yes. Some maternity stuff is a bit tight, and being passed on to my girlfriends who are pregnant, and are a few months behind me. 
The available wardrobe is quickly dwindling. 
My assistant at work told me today that she thought I was dressing really well throughout my pregnancy.
FYI: that is basically the single nicest thing you can ever say to any pregnant person in the world. If you are looking for a nice complement for a pregnant lady, tell her she's dressing well. You have no idea how challenging it can be some days to work in a professional environment and come up with 5 work appropriate outfits each week when you are carrying a large cantaloupe.
36 Weeks
Stretch marks?  
Nope, woo hoo!! I might make it without any stretch marks!!!

Best Moments?  
Jeremy's coworkers hosted a baby shower for us his office. We are Jewish, and thus are following an old Jewish tradition where you do not buy anything for the baby until they are born. It's based on the theory that you "Don't count your chickens before they hatch". Here is a better explanation: Why don't we buy things....
However, in practice, this can be quite difficult. We currently do not have a crib, dresser, rocking chair, onesie or diaper in our house. was fun to have a shower, and get a few things for the baby (which we will store at my parent's house until she arrives). 
When people ask if we are 'ready' for the baby to arrive...I always respond, "YES"...though in reality, our house looks no different than it did 8+ months ago. 
Never fear, I have a plan for getting all of the necessities into our home before we arrive with the baby. In case you haven't noticed, I'm a bit of a planner. And of course, there is a plan for making the room ready once she's actually born. And can all see what the nursery looks like!

Her movements have absolutely changed over the last few weeks. The best way to explain her movements are to imagine what you do when you first wake up in the morning. You lift your arms up, stretch them out, arch your back and move slow but strong. 
Gone are the days of quick jabs in the ribs, we are now on to full body stretches and squirms.

Food Cravings? 
Last night I really wanted pumpkin ice cream and Indian food. Indian Food because it is spicy and I currently have a terrible cold. I thought maybe the spicy food would open up my sinuses. 
Pumpkin ice cream because it is delicious.
And the gas light in my car had been on for a very long time.
Awesome husband went out to fetch the Indian food, gas up my car, and hunt for pumpkin ice cream.
He's a keeper.

Anything making you queasy or sick? 
Chicken. And a few new things...peas and fish. Strange, I know.

What I'm looking forward to?  
Getting over this cold. Turns out there is absolutely no cold medication that is considered safe for pregnancy. So, I must sniffle and sneeze my way through it with hot water (because most tea is considered 'unsafe') and steamy showers (because hot baths are also considered 'unsafe').  
Late pregnancy cold...not fun.

I am having some lower back pains that tend to go away with movement. I have been trying not to sit or stand for too long. As long as I keep moving, it's okay.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Call of the Wild

We recently discovered that Stanley responds to the call of the wild.

Well, the call of the wild, or Jeremy's version of it. Every time Jeremy sings this song, Stanley comes running, and starts dancing with him. Jeremy is convinced he does it because he loves it so much. I'm convinced he does it as an attempt to get Jeremy to stop singing.

Jeremy and Stanley's version....

Disney's version (slightly less painful on the ears)....

Yes, this is what we do when we are bored. We get our dogs to dance and then take videos of them. And sing strange songs. Totally normal.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Jeremy and I both have iPhones.

We love our iPhones.

Can't live without them.

Well, I guess we could, but we would be sad.

Last Friday, Jeremy calls me at about 7:15am. He had just arrived at work. He sounded extremely upset. The kind of upset you would feel if you had just run down an old lady with your car.

I asked what was wrong....

He responded that he had dropped his phone in the parking garage and shattered the screen.

I responded, "Okay. We will get a new phone."

I think he thought I would be mad. I was not mad. He is quite possibly the single most responsible 31 year old male on this planet.

So, on Sunday, we found a place that would replace the screen of his beloved iPhone because it was not yet time for a new phone.

$140 is fixed. Voila.

Monday, we go to the gym. I was attempting to respond to work emails while also using the elliptical machine, while also being 8+ months pregnant.

And then proceed to drop my phone off of said elliptical machine, onto the one metal portion of the machine, missing all of the soft gym floor below me.

And shattered the screen of my iPhone.

Neither of us have ever done anything like this before. Ever. Let alone two within 3 days.

Which leads me to the subject of this blog title. Conspiracy theory.

I think that Apple put a little device into their phones. Upon the release date of their new products, they activate the little device which shatters the screen upon minimal impact.

Then, the user is not mad at the phone for breaking, but mad at themselves for breaking said phone. And they realize how much they love it, and fork over the dough for a brand new one.

Brilliant, Apple, Brilliant.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Story of the DVD

I arrived home from work on Monday evening to an absolutely panicked husband. Now, this is not really out of the ordinary, as it does not typically take much to panic my husband. A plane crash halfway across the world, a new disease epidemic, news of an airline merger, a dead bird on the sidewalk, all things that would create complete panic in our household.

However, this was a bit different.

He informed me that a package had arrived for us in the mail. And pointed to the counter, where a DVD case sat, with a handwritten cover. I walked over and picked it up, and he started screaming, "NO DO NOT PICK IT UP, IT MAY BE LACED WITH SOMETHING. ANTHRAX, OR WHO KNOWS WHAT. PUT IT DOWN NOW."

I slowly stepped away from the DVD case, and then washed my hands at the insistence of my husband. After washing my hands, I returned to the DVD. Jeremy found a large Ziploc bag, picked up the DVD with a towel, and placed it inside of the bag. He now felt that it was safe to handle as it was preserved inside of a bag.

We read cover and found that it was supposedly a DVD explaining how to meet your neighbors and, "look like a nicer person". We opened the case, through the plastic bag, and found a shattered DVD inside. Creepy.

We reviewed several potential scenarios to figure out why and how we received this DVD. Perhaps someone dropped them off for the entire neighborhood, perhaps some kid was playing a joke, or Jeremy's likely was an attack, and was laced with Anthrax.

And so, he decided to call the non-emergency police and report the incident. Now, I don't totally blame him because this thing was really weird. I mean, perhaps a bit extreme, but it seemed to make him feel a bit better at the time.

The responding officer seemed to think Jeremy was a bit nuts, and was not concerned at all about our potentially-anthrax-laced-DVD-that-was-sent-to-kill-us. He told him it was probably a kid, playing a prank, and to just relax.

This of course caused him to panic even more.

I decided to email a bunch of our neighbors to see if they received the same package. I thought that if we were not the only ones, then that would calm him a bit. Our neighbors quickly responded, and it turned out we were the only lucky souls to receive the strange package. Further igniting husband's panic mode.

We spent the next hour googling and tracing any information we could find to gather the source of this DVD. There was a phone number on the DVD, which we were able to trace back to a neighbors house, and eventually, figured out it was a gift from the neighbor boy.

This was in fact 13 year old's prank. Not a terrorist attack.

Crisis averted.

After exchanging a few words with the boy's father, we think this is probably the last time he will place strange DVDs in neighbors mailboxes. And that perhaps this boy will still be grounded when the Franklet arrives. Or possibly until 2025.

Good thing our kid will be perfect. Totally perfect.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Dog Shaming

My friend Amie sent me this link to a hilarious website this morning...

It was quite appropriate timing as it was a rough weekend in the Frank household. 

And so Amie and I felt the need to make our own...

And, we still love them like crazy.  Though Saturday morning, I loved them a little less than normal. Or perhaps a lot less.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Well, I was feeling great

Remember on Tuesday when I put up my little update post? And I said that I was still feeling great? Well I was. Until yesterday.

I was feeling fanstatic.

Honestly, I still feel okay, but not as great.

It's as though Wednesday hit and my body was like..."Hey girl, you're 8 months pregnant, now it's time to feel uncomfortable."

Yesterday was okay, though my allergies are driving me batty. I had plans to walk around the lake with a friend at night. I was driving home from work to change, pick up my dogs, and meet her at the lake when it started to drizzle. Now, I am not one to find an excuse out of a workout, so I typically would have been quite annoyed, and then forced her to come to the gym to me.

She called me, and, knowing me as well as she does, and being the amazing friend that she is, she said the following:
Debra: Uh, Kara, it's raining out. But I mean, I know you're still going to want to walk, we could go to your gym, I could go with you there, if you want. 
Kara: Nope, let's go eat instead. I want kid food. I'm tired. I want grilled cheese and tomato soup.
Debra: silence....Uh, okay, yea, let's just do dinner. (this was the voice of a very perplexed friend as that was not the typical response that would have come from me in this situation. Nor would I normally insist on grilled cheese and tomato soup)

And so we met for a lovely dinner. I got my kid food. I drove home. I took off my shoes, and noticed the my ankle and foot had grown to about twice its normal size...
Fat Ankle...sorry for the gross picture of my foot...I hate feet...but I thought you needed a visual of how crazy it looked.
And then it hit me. I am 8+ months pregnant. I am uncomfortable. My ankle and foot are swollen. I hate food. I cannot breathe because my chest cavity is taken up by baby and there is no more room for lungs. I am tired.

So I guess I have a few complaints now.

Today my ankle is much better. It does not look nearly as crazy as it does in that photo. I still cannot breathe, but that's cool. Who needs to breathe.

And also, I'm ready to hold my little girl.

Okay, done complaining. It could be a LOT worse.

For now, I'll just continue to make jokes about my obese looking ankle.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Don't be shy

Lately, I've run into a lot of people, friends, friends-of-friends, family members, friends of my husband etc...who say, "I have to admit, I read your blog, and I love it!".
Uh...have to admit?
That is fantastic! Why would you be shy about this?
I write this blog so that people will read it.
Friends, strangers, friends of friends, family members, distant family members.
Blogs are a public forum and I have chosen to put these words out there for the world.
Therefore, if you are reading my blog, no matter who you are, you do not need to feel shy or weird about it. You are making me a very happy girl!

I also have to admit that I have intended to stop blogging about 5 times in the last 4 years since I started this. It's a fair amount of work, and well...sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading it, or cares.
However, inevitably, just when I've convinced myself to close up shop on the blog, I run into someone who reads it and tells me that it brings a smile to their face.
And really, that's the goal.
Just a little outlet to make people smile.
STOP being shy readers!
Comment, share, email me.

So, whether I know you or not, if we haven't spoken in years, if we got in a big fight in 9th grade and haven't spoken since, if you are a family member who lives across the country, a friend of a friend, or someone who just stumbled upon my blog, you are welcome here! I am happy you are here!

Keep reading, commenting, and sharing. If there are topics you like more than others, let me know.

Turns out there's a lot of life that I self-filter because I assume you don't care. But maybe I'm wrong and you really are interested in the random house projects that I think up and force my husband to complete with me.
Or maybe you would much rather hear about our dogs (which I kind of doubt, I think I'm the only one who cares about that topic).
Or perhaps you like the pregnancy/baby posts. I've tried to keep them to a minimum so they don't takeover the blog, but maybe that's what you like hearing about.

Let me know!

I read this other blog...Joy the Baker....and she just wrote a wonderful post on how happy comments on her blog make her.

So to that, I say...ditto Joy!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Franklet update....
  Size of the baby?  
About 19 Inches Long, 4.5 pounds
About the size of a honeydew...
Honeydew...though I still think a Spaghetti Squash seems larger than a Honeydew. But whatever, I won't question the iPhone app.

Maternity Clothes?  
My mom and aunt had this tee shirt made for says "Girl Kicking". And kick she does. A lot.

Stretch marks?  
Nope! 33 weeks and not a one! Wooo hoo!!!

Best Moments?  
 I spent the weekend with some girlfriends and it was fun for them to see and feel her move. This group of friends does not have kids yet, so it was particularly exciting for them to see and feel her moving. And kicking. And thrashing around in my belly. 
Another great sister asked me last night what the baby should call her. We have a VERY important Auntie in our life (and other wonderful Aunts too...but only one Auntie), my mom's twin sister, so this is actually an extremely important question. I'm pretty sure I thought my aunt's real name was Auntie until I was about 10 or 12. Therefore, choosing a name for my sister is crucial. I will leave this up to her. Whatever she chooses will be perfect, because she's going to be a darn good Aunt. 

The movements are changing from just little pokes and jabs to full blown shifts and squirms. She is a feisty one!
Food Cravings?   
Nothing special, still lots of fruit, veggies (except broccoli) and yogurt. Those seem to be my pregnancy staples.

Anything making you queasy or sick? 

What I'm looking forward to?  
Holding the little Franklet. 
Seeing what she looks like (Jeremy and I look NOTHING alike, so I'm quite curious). 
Watching my parents become Grandparents (And hoping they learn that babies wear pants over onesies. Yes, my adorable mom asked what a baby wears over a onesie so they're not cold. I responded...pants. They wear pants. It's kindof unclear how my sister and I are still alive today). 
Watching Jeremy become a Dad. He's ready. I'm ready. 
These are going to be 7 long weeks until she arrives.

Uh, many. Honestly, feel great, but of course have the regular aches and pains, my pelvic bone does not feel outstanding, my bladder has been danced upon for one too many days, my feet are swollen, etc...but really, I still feel great. I cannot complain.