Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Stanley Benjamin

Today marks a very important day in the Frank is our youngest child's 2nd birthday.

Stanley Benjamin Frank.

Yes, we celebrate dog birthdays in our house.

This little puppy entered our lives two years ago, much to the shock and surprise of his sister, the previously only child, Punky Lynn Frank.

Everyone was a bit tentative about his arrival.
Concerned that he wouldn't fit in.
Worried that he wouldn't like his sister.
Nervous that he would not have the winning personality that his sister has.


Stanley Benjamin, how you've changed our lives.
From the idolized your sister

We realized early on that you would be an excellent dance partner for your Dad

You won over hearts with your dapper ways and charming good looks

You have not left your sister's side since the day you arrived in our home

You have fallen in love with your baby sister, before she is even born

You are the most amazing cuddler in the entire world.
Happy 2nd Birthday Stanley Benjamin Frank. You are one incredible little guy.


Rachel Rosen said...

Happy Birthday Stan-Man! XOXO

Gillian said...

He's cute.