Thursday, October 4, 2012

Election Debate BINGO

We are not terribly involved in politics. 
In fact, we avoid them as much as possible. 
But, the presidential election debate seems noteworthy enough that we feel we should pay attention. 

Or attempt. Typically we watch these debates and fall asleep on the couch shortly after the introductions. 

However, this year, Jeremy's awesome coworker made us a little game...

Election Debate BINGO! What is Debate Bingo? A BINGO board, filled with terms that the candidates may say, and you check off your square when they say the word(s).

For example....
Sports Analogy
Climate Change
My opponent
The great state of
Job Killers
Day One

So, we sat on the couch. 

Me, with 3 pillows propped behind my back, 3 pillows under my gigantically swollen feet, two dogs on my belly, pen and BINGO board in hand...screaming:
"YES...middle class! WOO HOO"

And soon after, Jeremy was chuckling, "Oh....he mentioned a Clinton...BAM"

Debate are genius.

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