Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Exhaustion has set in.

Complete exhaustion.

Just total and complete exhaustion.

I'm still working full time (and then some).

Still going to the gym as much as possible (though this week may be less as I can barely walk to the bathroom anymore).

Still trying to be the best darn dog-mom I can be before this little girl comes into our house and rocks our little dogs worlds.

And sometimes the sanity breaks. And you just can't handle life anymore.

And so you eat guacamole and frozen yogurt for dinner.
And that was last night. I just could not bear to cook. And didn't really want to eat. There's no room left for food. Baby's taking up all the space.

So we ate guacamole.
And went out for Fro Yo.
And I attempted to tie up loose ends around the house (for some reason my nesting is taking the form of making sure that everything in our house is in tip top shape....new water filter in the refrigerator, heating system is in perfect condition and filters are changed, house is sterile...this is my version of nesting)
And then I hugged my dogs.

Sometimes you just need to give up and eat guacamole.
And Fro Yo.
And the world seems like a much more manageable place.

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KRISTIN said...

I hear ya! ANY MINUTE! Any damn minute!