Monday, October 8, 2012

Hospital Bag is packed!

We were successful in completing our two weekend goals...
#1 Get the car seat bases installed - CHECK!
#2 Pack the hospital bag (which they tell you to do at the beginning of the 3rd trimester...woops...guess I was like 2 months late) - CHECK!

I thought I would let you all know what we packed, just in case it is helpful to anyone. Another girlfriend of mine posted her packing list and I thought it was amazingly helpful.

So, here goes....
  • Comfortable outfit to wear in the hospital after baby is born. I do not want to wear my own clothes during labor. Gross. Give me the hospital gown. But afterwards, I would like to be in something mildly presentable for visitors.
Punky was a very helpful packing assistant (see background of the photo)
  •  After many, many discussions, we have decided to bank our baby's cord blood through a private banking service. I know some people find this controversial, but for us, it is the right decision. So, we have our CBR cord blood kit ready to go.
  • Hard Candy. After you are given the epidural, you are not allowed to eat anymore, but my sources tell me that your mouth gets quite dry. Everyone suggests bringing hard candy for a little sugar and to help with the dry mouth situation. Not pictured but in the bag: chapstick. Another item I have heard is critical.
  • No, I didn't pack my dogs, though I wanted to. The books tell you to pack things that help you relax. My dogs help me relax. But apparently they're not allowed. Rude. So, instead, we packed a framed photo of our babies to help us welcome our new baby. Looking at a picture of these two is all that I really need to calm down.

  • Flip flops to wear around the hospital. I hate being barefoot. I hate touching weird floors with my feet. And I love flip flops.
  •  A "going home" outfit. They say you will still look about 6 months pregnant when you leave the hospital, and well, I'm not exactly on my way out to a pageant, so my going home outfit consists of: a nursing tank top, Lululemon pants, a cardigan and sneakers.
  •  iPad/iPhone charger. Fortunately, we have hundreds of these laying around our house, so we just stuck one right in the bag so we don't forget it.
  •   Cozy socks to wear in the hospital. My friend Ali tells me that it is both cold in the hospital, and the fluids and medications make you feel even colder. Therefore, warm cozy socks are helpful to keep your feet warm. And I'm always cold. Always.
  •  Toiletries: Hairbrush, one of my favorite Lululemon headbands to keep my bangs out of my face, 800 hair binders and bobby pins (have I mentioned I hate having hair in my face), toothbrush and toothpaste, face wash, deodorant, my own shampoo (friend Ali also says the hospital shampoo is terrible, bring your own) and floss (my mom would be so proud).
  • Fully charged flip cam and regular camera (and charging cables)
  • Other items not pictured:
    • Nursing bra
    • Underwear and regular socks
    • Snacks (The hospital obviously provides meals, but everyone suggests bringing your own snacks. And at times, I can be picky, and I'm thinking this will be one of those times. Best to have my own snacks)
    • Everyone says we should bring an iPod with our own music for labor on it. I'm not sure what "labor music" is supposed to sound like. I'm not sure that I'm the kind of girl who goes with her own music. Maybe I am. I need to think about this one. Do you put calming music on there? Or is it like a running mix to get you pumped up? I might have to skip this one. Unless one of you guys wants to make me a labor mix. That would be delightful.
  • And then...Jeremy added his clothes to the bag. "His clothes" included 4 hoodies, 5 undershirts, 2 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of men's Lululemon pants (this is starting to sound like an advertisement for Lululemon...but seriously, I'm a little obsessed), 2 pairs of shoes, and a full toiletry bag. Apparently Jeremy is moving into the hospital. 
You might have noticed that we have not packed anything for the baby. This is not an oversight. As I mentioned previously, we are Jewish, and follow the Jewish tradition that tells you not to purchase anything for the baby until they are born. So, we have nothing. Well, we have a free diaper that was given to us as a sample at Costco one day, but other than that, nothing. Never fear, Grandma (aka. my mom) has EVERYTHING. So, once the baby is born, and we know she is safe and sound, she will bring whatever we need to the hospital. 

You might be asking yourself, "Seriously, you have nothing? Are you concerned about that?" No, not really. First, we have an amazing family, and they are quite prepared. Second, we have incredible friends, who will be there to help us as well (and we will return the favor for them when their time comes). So no, it really does take a village to raise a child, and this is the first example.

That's it!? Did I miss anything? Let me know if I'm forgetting anything!


Unknown said...

Lotion! Along with the cold skin felt super dry (one of my pet peeves). Also throw in an extra bag for the gifts people bring you and the "free stuff" you will be taking from the hospital.

KRISTIN said...

YAY!!! You did it! My labor mix is all Sade...I listen to her when I'm stressed, so I figured she'd be appropriate in this situation. I also thought of making a crazy dance party mix too, just in case I want things a little more lively. :) Who knows...I may want complete silence. Maybe just pack the iPod so you have options?

Kara Frank said...

Ohh...extra bag is a good call. I'll stick that in. K - you're probably right. Just bring the iPod, see what I feel like. Turns out there's not much out there for "birthing playlist"

Dad Jay said...

I know my experience is 29 years old but add:
Pen & Paper for list of visitors and gifts.
Directions to Soc.Security Office to get a SS card, the hospital may have the paper work now but not in 1983

Robyn said...

I would say any music that makes you calmer or laugh. The song from your first dance? I have The Blake School song on CD (don't ask) I can give it to you for your ipod.

Kara Frank said...

Thank you everyone for the helpful comments! Keep em coming!

sjv said...

Kara - I read your blog via Molly Corrigan's. I have loved following your pregnancy as our 2nd daughter is now 8 weeks old.

You should also bring movies, books, magazines or something like that to help pass the time either during or after labor. My labor with my first was 29 hours - so we were grateful for a couple movies in the bag.

Also, you may want to bring nipple cream if you are planning to nurse. The girls can get a bit tender those first couple days.

Steph said...

A couple of things I would take in the hospital bag:
1.) Favorite TV show (2 or 3 seasons, something light)-- I didn't labor to music, I labored to Friends episodes (and passed the time)... and actually by the time you are fully pushing, etc. I found pretty much blocked things out, besides a random voice of my doctor or Jake...

2.) Favorite Board game or cards. We had the cribbage board with us, depending upon how fast your labor is going, its a good distraction of time.

Hope you have a quick and happy (as happy as it can be) labor!