Friday, October 26, 2012

I get by with a little help from my friends

Yep, I'm still pregnant. 

Thank you to everyone for the calls, texts, gmail messages etc...But, I'm still pregnant. Trying to get less pregnant, but for now, still pregnant.

My due date is Sunday so everyone cross your fingers that she arrives before then. 

As I have mentioned before...I really don't want to have a Halloween baby. The nightmares of Doctors in costume have only intensified as the due date nears.  I'm totally cool with Halloween themed birthday parties, but, if a hospital food service worker shows up in my room dressed up like a doctor, and tries to deliver my baby, or conversely, the doctor shows up, dressed like Big Bird....I will have to personally deliver this child myself.
I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for their love and kindness thoughout this process. I really cannot explain how lucky I feel to have you all in my life. 

This is going to be one loved little girl I cannot wait for her to arrive and meet all of her cheerleaders.

Lately, the days are long, I don't know what tomorrow will bring. I'm scared, nervous, excited, anxious, emotional and just plain crazy.

And I don't know what I would do without the world's best friends and family.

The other night, I sat on couch, watching Chicago Fire with Jeremy (because he loves tragedy TV), complaining that I thought my pelvic bone might actually implode, and then I got a text message from a girlfriend who lives in Wisconsin. She just said that she was thinking about me, and was excited for me to start this next journey as a mom, and the she knew I would be an amazing mom. 

Words cannot express how much this thought and concern means to me.

So, I thought I would just take a quick minute to thank everyone for the little things they have done to make me smile lately. You sure know how to make a girl feel special and loved. And, I don't say these things to sound brag-ey, so I hope it doesn't come off that way. But, I just want you all to know I am thankful.

To my mom: Who is just generally an amazing person, but who has also been there for the 800 phone calls per day explaining my symptom du jour. And always knows what to say to comfort me, and make me feel better. Or, who will get amped up with me, if that's what I want. Because sometimes I just want to rant. And she lets me rant.
To my Dad: Who brought over his wedding ring for me to wear because my engagement ring and wedding bands were too tight due to swelling and I had to take them off. He thought I would feel better if I had something on my hand, and figured his wedding ring would fit, and would have meaning to me.

To my cousin Jen who checks in almost daily to see if there's any 'progress' and see how I am feeling.

To my friend Debra sent me this quote the other day:
Generally speaking, the busier someone is the faster time flies, the less they worry, the more friends they have, the farther they travel, the quicker they rebound, the richer they become, and the happier they are.
Debra, and our other preggo friend Rachel, have been the most amazing support system a girl could ask for. We did not plan to be pregnant at the same time....but I do have to say, I would recommend it! I have never, for one minute, felt alone, like I didn't have someone to talk to, or as though nobody understood what I was going through.  Things certainly do happen for a reason, and I am so thankful that this one turned out the way it did.
To my friend Steph who calls when she's driving by a restaurant to see if she can pick up dinner for us and drop it off.  

To Jeremy's cousins who, before leaving town, sent us their travel contact information and reminded us that they would be checking that email, and thinking of us, and wanted updates. 

To my Auntie who is already trying to 'squish and kiss' the baby, even though she's still in my belly.

To our friend Sam who sent a text message saying how excited he is to meet the Franklet. 

To my sister and her husband who dropped of guacamole. Because they saw it and thought of me. (Not sure if I should be flattered that guacamole makes you think of me :-) )

To my blog-buddy/sorority sister Kristin who is also still pregnant. And cranky. And whose blog has gotten me through the past 9+ months. 

To my Stacy, who is my best friend and inspiration. The one person in my life who calls me out on my crap and makes me a better person. She loves me for who I am, but pushes me to be better. My life changed dramatically the day I met her.  

There are countless more, and I cannot thank you all enough.

Perhaps it's the hormones, but there are tears streaming down my face as I write this.

I think it's the hormones. But I also think you are all amazing.

I think I forgot to thank one pretty important person...Jeremy. Thank you for....

 Spending hours researching the safest baby gear on the market.
Took registering for baby goods WAY more seriously than me. (I was standing in a corner freaking out that all of this stuff was going to be in my tidy house)
Took me on a fabulously random Babymoon.
Allowed me to spend months plotting the decor of the baby's room. And never criticized my neurosis over finding "just the right lamp."
Who doesn't (usually) say "no" when I come up with a crazy home improvement idea. Like painting pumpkins(and then allowing me to walk away until the 'fun part'). Or tiling over a brand new floor in our house. Or repainting a room in nearly the exact same color because it is "just a touch brighter". Or considering putting our house up for sale 2 weeks before our first child is born (we didn't do this one...but I'm still considering it. I love a project!)
For taking me out on fun dates to our favorite restaurants so we can embrace our last few moments without a child.
 And for generally putting up with my shenanigans. There can be a lot of it. Everyone keeps asking me if Jeremy is scared to be a father. My response, "I think he was born to be a father". If he cares about this baby even half as much as he cares about his dogs, then she will be the luckiest, and safest girl in the world. 

I hope this is the last blog post before baby...

THANK YOU EVERYONE. I love you all.


KRISTIN said...

I'm tearing up, this is so sweet!!! I love that we gave each other shout outs today! WE'RE ALMOST DONE...good gracious, get these babies out! I'll be thinking of you all weekend and will secretly hate you a little when you do give birth! :)

Dad Jay said...

Do't forget to mention one the best future Moms by the name of Kara Leigh
Frank. We all love you