Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Now that we are down to less than a month until the Franklet arrives, people have started making predictions.

Mostly my coworkers.

And my mom. Who thinks I have two weeks to go.

And my Grandpa. Who apparently thinks the baby is going to be born tomorrow.

I arrived at work today and one of my coworkers explained that she had her second dream about my baby being born. She was sure it was real this time and that I wasn't going to be at work today. Nope.

About an hour later another coworker shows up at my door and says he had the strangest dream last night. He dreamt that I was 2 weeks late in having my baby and I was a gigantic bitch for those two weeks.

Well that one, doesn't sound too far from the reality should that situation arise.

I think the tiny human in my belly is making me and everyone around me a bit nuts.

My parents are stocking up on diapers due to a supposed impending diaper shortage...(Possible Diaper Shortage Story)

My sister answers the phone every time I call with..."ARE YOU IN LABOR?"

Jeremy thinks the Franklet is nice and comfy and plans to stay a while. He knows that I like to stay under the covers in bed as long as possible, and he's thinking that our daughter might feel the same way. She's nice and cozy and doesn't want to be disrupted.

Regardless...we have 3.5 weeks to go people...relax!

(I'm really saying that to myself, because above all, I am the most neurotically agitated at this particular time)


Rachel Rosen said...

Just texted you.... And then read this post! Hahaha

I have to call a little bit of BS on Jer saying you like to stay in bed under the covers for as long as you can.... You, my 6am yoga/workout doing friend... I think the Franklet is more likely to come right on time or more likely (bright and)early and ready to rock'n'roll, just like her mama. So that's my prediction.

Debra Fiterman said...

October 25th is my prediction. This is very scientific based on the fact that I literally just happen to look at the clock every day at 10:25 so I've always liked that date. I told you. Very scientific.

Robyn said...

My vote is October 31st just to frustrate her mom... :)

KRISTIN said...

I tormented my poor mother and was born 5 days late after a super long labor...so I am certain my baby girl is going to torture me right back. Can't believe we're so close we can actually think about this though! CRAZINESS! Good luck packing. :)