Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Just because we are moments away from having a baby does NOT give us an excuse not to embrace my favorite season. And this includes one of my all time favorite activities, carving pumpkins. (and eating candy corn)

I wasn't up for the full carving program. Well, that's kind-of a lie, I was totally up for it, Jeremy was not, and so we tried our hands at painting a pumpkin this year.

So, here is our first attempt at painting a pumpkin. We taped off the areas we wanted to remain orange (well Jeremy taped them off per my instructions), and then we painted on top of it using paint we had leftover around the house. 

HINT: this is the color and motif of the baby's room. Well not the orange.


Painting pumpkins...WAY easier than carving pumpkins. And probably a much safer activity for Franklet.

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Dad Jay said...

Wow are you ahead of the curve, see todays Star Tribune.