Friday, October 5, 2012

Weekend Tasks

We have to do two very important things this weekend:

1. Get our car seat bases installed in our cars. 
Jeremy contacted the fire department in our city, and they will do it for us.
Teach us how to install it properly.
Ensure that the Franklet is safe.

Some people say it's not that hard to do, but we are not handy. We are visionaries. Which means we can hire people to follow our vision. But, we can't really physically execute anything. So we are outsourcing. To the firemen. Then we know the Franklet will be safe and sound.

I tried filling up a glass of water in the bathroom this morning, while also using my hair dryer at the same time (I'm a multitasker) and Jeremy nearly had a heart attack. He looked like he had just seen a ghost. Major breach of safety protocol.

Yea, we'll leave the car seat install to the firemen.

2. Pack the hospital bag.
My app told me to do this a couple of weeks ago but I kept making excuses. I swore I didn't have 'just the right type of bag', or 'exactly the right outfit'. 

Turns out I have run out of excuses, and we should actually do this.
Otherwise, we will show up at the hospital with 1 sock, 4 hoodies, a cell phone charger and a dog leash.
I am notorious for forgetting to pack critical items and over packing unnecessary items.
It's the ADD. I get distracted.
Therefore it is pretty important that we actually put some time and thought into this task.

It's getting REAL people. It's getting very real.


lmbarbeau said...

Packing is important..... i waited to the last minute to get my things together... I was actually out shopping for some pj pants for the hospital, after I started having contractions.... at least get the basics in the bag....

Rachel Rosen said...

I had this amazing realization yesterday that literally made me "woop!" out loud with excitement! One of very best friends is going to be home on maternity leave, with an adorable baby, basically across the street from me in a matter of weeks!!! I promise I am going to do my best to not knock down your door EVERY day but it's going to be hard...maybe every other day....and I'll bring Caribou.....did I mention I do diapers :-)

YAYAYYAYAYAYAYA!! I can't wait to meet her!!

Unknown said...

As we entered October and the countdown is proceeding I realized I needed to tune in to your blog for an update. Add me to your readership list. I never had a chance to pack a bag since J and S were both 6 weeks early, and everything turned out just fine. You don't need much but it is nice to have a comfy presentable robe to dress up for visitors. I will need to start thinking what I want to be called. Great aunt is a cumbersome mouthful. How about NeNe (pronounced naynay)? Little kids have called me that because they cannot say the first syllable of Renee. Trying it out for size and looking forward to being with all of you.