Thursday, November 15, 2012

Guest Blog: Kara as a Mommy Part 1

Hello all you lovely readers of "Just Being Frank." 

My name is Holly and I am one of Kara's college friends. Since our lovely scribe is attending to the very cute new addition to her family, I have offered to babysit her blog in and out while the Frank family enjoys the first few weeks of being a family of five. 

In prepping for my babysitting duties, I asked a few of Kara's closest friends to answer the following questions:

  • Q1 - What is the best piece of advice you can give to Kara as a new mommy?
  • Q2 -Why is Kara going to be a GREAT mommy?
 Here is what Kara's good friend Rachel had to say:
  • Q1 -"Well, since I am not yet a Mommy myself(2 months to go!) I feel like I can't give her any real, practical, advice in this department yet. However, I can say that she should be kind to herself. I don't think any new Mom feels fully prepared for this new task. There will be many challenging moments ahead, she should trust her instincts and know that she has all of us(her family and friends) to support her, and learn along with her. It's going to be a crazy, incredible adventure!! And the great news is, we're not alone on it :-)"
  • Q2 - "This is easy! There are so many reasons! Because I don't know anyone who is more willing to go to the ends of the earth for the people she cares about. And I know that this quality will be taken to a whole new level with her own child. Bonus- she has one killer case of ADD which leads to endless activity, in other words...there will always be fun things going on at the Frank house. Oh! AND, she bakes some life-altering desserts....and I feel like a really great mommy always has cookie jar full of delicious-ness."
Stay tuned for more in our "Kara as a Mommy" series. Also, we know that Kara has been a great fur-baby mommy for quite some time: Punky and Stan please don't take offense to this title.

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