Saturday, November 24, 2012

To pass the time

First, huge thank you to my amazing friend Holly for posting the amazing posts while I was adjusting to life. I'm not sure if she is done or not yet, so she may just put in some more surprise posts. Love you Holly.

Just because I have not been posting lately does not mean I don't have things to share.

Oh boy do I have things to share.

I am not going to share every poppy diaper nor every photo I take. That's just not who I am. Nor do I think you care about that stuff. This is also not going to turn into an "All about Mollie" blog. Unless its entertaining. I will likely share a lot, but I still have things to share aside from her. the moment I do not. But, I anticipate in the future I will have things to share that do not involve her.

For today, I will share a quick story.

When envisioning how Jeremy and I would parent our child, I never thought we would be "typical" parents. Turns out I was correct. In many ways we are typical, but in many other ways...we are downright crazy.

Enter...nursing charades. We have a newborn baby. She eats quite often. I get pretty bored sitting in her room for hours upon hours feeding her. Facebook friends don't post nearly enough in the middle of the night.

So I need entertainment.

And since I am biologically intended to feed her. I have decided that Jeremy should pull his weight by entertaining me while I feed her.

So we came up with..Nursing Charades

I feed baby.

He acts out things for me to guess.

Yes, this game was devised at 3:00am during a state of total exhaustion.

But it's an excellent game. It makes me think we should invent a box set of games to play while feeding infants.

Game #1: Nursing Charades.

Time passes much faster when you are screaming ..."Forest Gump...No, Olympic Games...No, I got it! MC Hammer!"

Step one in sleep deprived insanity... nursing charades.

(This would be Jeremy during one such episode of Nursing Charades)


Holly Jo said...


Rachel Rosen said...

Is he doing the Macarena?!?!?!

Dad Jay said...

And Stanley sleeps thru it all

KRISTIN said...

HA! Amazing...totally showing this to Jason so he steps up his game. :)