Saturday, December 29, 2012

Being a parent

Being a parent makes me feel dumb.

Some aspects are common sense. Others are not.

For example, the more a baby sleeps during the day, the more they will sleep at night.
That makes no sense to me.
But it is very true.

When a baby screams, you try to fix it.
Often there is no solution.
Or there is a solution (I.e. sleep), but they refuse.

But now that we are total parenting experts with a whole 8 weeks under our belts, every once in a while we do something, it works, and we look at each other and exchange a high five. Yes, literally a high five. Because it feels that exciting.
And, they're not usually high-five-able parenting revelations, but it makes us feel like we are learning. Slowly.

When giving a baby a bottle, use a bib. They are messy. She is 8 weeks old and we just figured this out. No laughing.

Sometimes she gets bored. Okay, often, she gets bored. Just because she's 8 weeks old doesn't mean she wants to just sit around. My kid in particular. She expects a whole curriculum each day.

Rattles are amazing. They are amazing curriculum. My baby iPhone app said 8 week old babies like rattles so we literally ran like a bat out of hell to buy a rattle. Kid loves the rattle. Best purchase to date. Rattle goes everywhere she goes.

Jeremy gets all the credit for this one...if we are going somewhere late-ish and when we come home we will likely have a cranky kid because it is close to or past bedtime (8pm)....dress her in her pajamas so that when you get home, you don't have to change her again. She tends to get pissed when we pull a onesie over her head and we don't want to get her screaming before bed. So...dress her in advance. Then when you get home...feed...bed.

Never change a diaper before a baby eats. Unless you want to personally fund the Pampers employees salaries.

Those are examples of our good ideas and wise learnings. I have decided to leave out all the things that we have done wrong. It makes us look better.

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Kara Frank said...

Thank you everyone for your comments, texts and calls. Everyone is fine now. Fine and thankful.

Yes, Jeremy did back blows and the bottom of the foot infant reflex while I was on the phone with the paramedics. Test it out on a stuffed animal. Make sure you are confident in what you would need to do, and always call 911. Especially with an infant.