Thursday, December 27, 2012


We love to travel.
We want our baby to love travel.
So we decided to take her down visit my parents place in Florida.
At 7 weeks of age.
Aggressive decision? Perhaps.
But she was fantastic!
And so we...
"Swam" in the pool

Visited the beach to see the dolphins.

Chilled poolside...

Rocked some sweet shades...

And took a bath in a salad bowl. Yep, a salad bowl. We didn't have a baby bath tub in Florida, so we innovated and went with a salad bowl. Hold the dressing, please.

Traveling with an infant...more of a trip, less of a vacation. But, we did it! And, we are crazy enough to consider going back in a month or so.

I'm still disappointed that she didn't get a set of 'wings' on the flight. Apparently they don't do that anymore. Mollie wanted wings for her her first flight. Instead she got peanuts.

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KJ said...

Even she looks confused as to why she got peanuts instead of wings.