Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Our own way

Sometimes being a parent is hard.

Okay, all of the time being a parent is hard.

People don't tell you that.

Eating dinner is hard. 

Eating any meal is hard.

The baby wants to be held all the time. It's not terribly easy to eat and hold a baby. We have ruined many an outfit by spilling food on it while trying to hold her and eat dinner.

Enter...the bassinet on the counter while we eat dinner. 

The baby wants to be a part of dinner, and we want to eat with two hands. So, we improvise. 
Bassinet on the counter with us while we eat dinner.
Don't judge. She doesn't move. She's 5 weeks old. It's a flat surface. It allows us to eat dinner with two hands and the baby can sit with us.

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KRISTIN said...

i love it! and being a parent is way hard.