Sunday, December 23, 2012


December 21, 2012 Mollie smiled.
Not an "I'm pooping" smile that is really just gas.
Nope, a full on smile from ear to ear.
A smile in response to our smiles.
This child typically makes very serious faces and I thought perhaps she would never smile.
It turns out, we just hadn't said anything funny enough to warrant a smile.

These past 7 weeks have been the most exhausting, emotional, hilarious and difficult weeks of my life.

And then she smiled. And it's all worthwhile. It's amazing what a smile can do.
This little smile changed everything.


Amie said...

I love it. Happy to see there is a smile in there :)

KRISTIN said...

SO true! The smile makes it all worth it. Mollie is so darn Cute.