Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The twins have arrived!

I mentioned previously that two of my very best friends are also pregnant and due soon. (And a third due in April!) One of these friends, Rachel, was due with TWINS! (Twins are particularly close to my heart as my mom is a twin!)

Rachel was due January 12th, but her twins had a different due date in mind, and arrived this past Saturday!

It was a strange arrival for me. Not like I'm the mother, but ya know, it was strange for me.

Jeremy was out of town for the weekend attending one of his best friend's weddings. I was anxious to stay home alone for the first time, with our 4 week old baby so Debra offered to stay one night, and my sister the other night. Have I mentioned my friends and family are AMAZING???

Friday night Debra stayed over at our house and we had a slumber party. We stayed up talking and then fell asleep for a few hours before Miss. Mollie awoke for her first nighttime feeding. I fed her, and went back to sleep. She woke up around 4:30 as usual for her second nightime feeding. I fed her and went back to sleep.


At 5:30 AM I got a phone call from Rachel (pregnant with twins). Rachel is NOT a morning person. However, pregnancy has robbed her of her ability to sleep. So, I thought perhaps she couldn't sleep and was calling to say hi.
And then I realized that nobody calls anyone at 5:30 AM to say hi. 
And then Debra started screaming...GET IT..ANSWER THE PHONE. RACHEL WOULD NEVER CALL AT 5:30AM!!!!

I came to my half awake senses and answered the phone.

Rachel's water broke. They were on their way to the hospital.

The twins were on their way. Due date or not.

This is Debra and me...screaming with excitement, nerves and fear in bed after Rachel called...
And then we spent the next 4 hours laughing about the fact that the one time in our lives that we've had a sleepover....Rachel goes into labor.
And so we were together.
Two of the people who love Rachel the most.
Screaming like pre-teens at 5:30 AM.

Fast forward to 10:00 AM on Saturday.

Rachel and Sam welcomed their two amazing, beautiful children into the world. Six weeks early, but thriving nonetheless.

Welcome to the world Scarlett Marie and Burton Edward!  You are so very, very loved already.
Rachel and Burton Edward

Scarlett Marie
Next up....Debra's baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mollie, I really hope you like these kids, because we really like their parents.

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