Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rookie parents

We are rookie parents. I am the first one to admit that we are just figuring this all out as we go. Sometimes we have wins. Sometimes we have losses.

Today was a loss.

Let me explain.

Our baby has very dry scalp. It is common in babies and is called 'cradle cap'. Jeremy read online that you can wash their hair, and then rub baby oil into the scalp, then wash it out.

That seemed easy enough, so I tried it this morning.

Wash, baby oil...perhaps a little too much baby oil, wash.

After the bath I noticed that her hair didn't look like it was drying. I ran my hands through her hair (Mollie has a lot of hair) and noticed that it wasn't was full of oil. Coated in oil.

My child looked like a used car salesman.

I panicked and called Jeremy and informed him that I broke the child. I ruined her hair. Then I called my mom and explained what I had done.

My mom recommended that I try rinsing it out with Dawn because...Dawn takes grease out of the way. While I was talking to my mom, Jeremy texted me to say that he had been reading online and apparently baby oil can make your baby's hair fall out.

Of course he finds this information AFTER I had doused her hair in the stuff. So he tells me to go wash it fast.

I ran to our kitchen but we only had Palmolive kitchen soap.

I assumed they must all be the same, so I brought the baby back to the bathroom and began to Palmolive the child's hair.

Baby shampoo
Baby shampoo

Did it work? Nope. My child now looks like her hair hasn't been washed in a year.

Help!!! What do I do? My baby's hair still looks like a cast member from Grease.

Note to other parents out there: don't wash your baby's hair with baby oil.


Anonymous said...

It should wash out with regular old baby shampoo, but it may take a few washes. It won't hurt or harm her in any way.

I'm a doctor, and Indian (yeah, yeah, stereotypical I know) but Indian people put oil in their babies hair to make it grow, which really all it's doing is taming it.
Older kids and adults put oil in their hair as a conditioner as well. In fact, I still do about once a week. I get my hair (mostly scalp) nice and greasy, then wrap it up with a hand towel, or rag and go to sleep with a towel laid across my pillow, and shampoo it out the next morning. Helps tame my frizz!

As for your baby, I don't think you should worry about it - it's not bad at all!

Actually, baby oil is basically mineral oil (with added fragrances), and is not absorbed well by skin and hair - it basically just adds a coating hence the greasy feel. Mineral oil is also used as a filler in many lotions to give the effect of moisturizing, when it really just leaves your skin a bit greasy.

If you're looking for a moisturizer try either olive oil (yes, from your kitchen) or coconut oil (also from your kitchen) They are great moisturizers, and are absorbed well by the skin - just remember to start with just a few drops so you don't end up with a grease ball again :-)

There are of course moisturizers available that use these ingredients as their "moisturizers", but why spend money on something that's already in your kitchen, and it in pure form already?!

I'm sorry my comment was a little long, but I hope it helps and helps calm your nerves a bit as well :-) Today was not a loss - everyday is a learning experience.

sjv said...


My babies have cradle cap too (2 yrs and 5 mos). We just conquered it using olive oil. But a tip - they will look like a greaseball for a day. But by the next wash, it all washes out.
You didn't break the baby - or ruin her hair ;-)

Unknown said...

Hehe! Just chalk this up to yet another thing you can tease yourselves about later. I'm sure it'll be just fine.... and who knows, maybe it'll help the cradle cap after all?

KRISTIN said...

HAHAHA! OMG! Thats amazing!

Lindsay Litman said...

Kara- I'm a little delayed in responding to this post but when my kids had cradle cap I washed their hair with Head and Shoulders...worked like a charm