Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The scariest moment of my life

This post is equal parts therapy and public service announcement. It is different from my typical posts but very important to read.

Last week I was changing Mollie's diaper in preparation for bed. We give her a vitamin D supplement as she is exclusively breastfed. The supplement is a liquid form and is administered through a dropper. She gets 1 mL of the supplement through the dropper. I typically give it to her while changing her diaper because its easy to remember and I can distract her so she is not mad about getting the vitamin.

She laid on her changing table, as she always does, and I gave her the supplement as I always do. However, this time, she started to cough. And then the cough turned into a choke. I lifted her upright immediately and held her to my shoulder.

She continued to choke and I ran her downstairs to Jeremy for help, trying my best to remain calm and not to scream or cry.

Prior to her birth, Jeremy insisted that we take an infant CPR class through the Red Cross. The technique is not the same as adults and he felt it was important that we were trained. In this class, they also cover what to do with a choking infant or child.

I handed our baby over to Jeremy, and looked at her face. By the time we walked down our 5 steps to the main level if our house, she turned blue. She continued to choke and struggle to breathe.

Jeremy instructed me to call 911. I called immediately. While I was on the phone, he practiced all of the techniques we learned in the class and she was able to clear her airway.
She started to regain her color as we heard the police driving up to our house.

I broke down in tears, holding on to my baby for dear life.

The most amazing police officers came to our house and took incredible care of our baby, followed by our wonderful neighbor who is a physician. She saw the police drive up and ran over to see if we needed help. Finally, two wonderful paramedics arrived to assist.

By that time Mollie was breathing fairly normally with a slight cough from the remaining fluid. She was cooing and smiling for the police officers while I continued to cry uncontrollably.

That was the therapy part.

This is the public service announcement part. If you are, or plan to spend a lot of time with a child, please get CPR training. Our training taught us what to do until the police could arrive to help.
So here I am, standing on my soapbox, asking you to think about what you would have done in this situation.
Would you have known what to do with a choking infant or child?
I would not have known.
Thankfully our baby is fine. Absolutely fine, but please use this as a reminder to take the time to educate yourself.


Randee said...

Thank GD she is fine and THank GD you guys were prepared. Much love and many hugs---how scary. Love to you all!

Amie said...

Oh my-so glad you guys knew what to do and that everyone acted so quickly.

KTufford said...

So glad to hear that she is fine! Did you do the back blows? I've taken infant CPR but am still scared I'll forget what to do.

Robyn said...

I am so glad you took that class and that she is ok!!! Hopefully you blog post will inspire others to take the class too.

KRISTIN said...

I read this yesterday and completely freaked out! Turns out Jason was a certified Life Guard (even though he never actually worked as a Life Guard) he showed me what to do and we're covered now! So glad Mollie is OK and you guys knew what to do.

Kara Frank said...

Thank you everyone for your comments, texts and calls. Everyone is fine now. Fine and thankful.

Yes, Jeremy did back blows and the bottom of the foot infant reflex while I was on the phone with the paramedics. Test it out on a stuffed animal. Make sure you are confident in what you would need to do, and always call 911. Especially with an infant.

Kara Frank said...

I'm so happy he showed you what to do. I hope you never ever need to use it.

KJ said...

I'm so glad Mollie (and you guys!) are ok. Good thinking and definitely a great idea for future parents. Whew! :)