Thursday, February 14, 2013


I am so sorry I have been a terrible blogger.
Working full time.
Being a mom.
Trying to exercise.
Trying to make dinner.
Trying to be a good wife.
Trying to be a good friend.
Trying to be a good dog mom.
Trying to keep my house from looking like a war torn country.

All of that has knocked me on my butt.

And now, my baby has been knocked on her butt. Figuratively.

She has her first daycare illness. It was bound to happen. I dropped her off yesterday and she was a bit off, a runny nose, sneezy, a few coughs.

I picked her up and she was in tough shape. Coughing a lot, sneezing, and the worst part, she lost her voice. I didn't realize babies could lose their voices, but it turns out they can. I used to cringe when she cried. Now I just want her to be able to scream and cry again.

We took her to the pediatrician last night and she was diagnosed with RSV. RSV is basically a really, really bad cold. She will be fine.

I remember when I was young, my sister accidentally slammed my fingers in the car door. When we got to the doctor, she was crying so hard, and I was not, that the doctor was confused about which one was injured. That is basically how Mollie's sickness has gone.

I was crying. Mollie was smiling.

We left the pediatrician at 8:30 pm last night and drove home. We were starving and I was crying (there is basically no worse feeling than having a sick child). Unsure of what to do, Jeremy drove through Wendy's because we needed food and it was the only thing nearby.
We ordred food.
Jeremy paid.
And then drove away.
Without the food.

It was a long night. And there was a crying baby, and a crying wife in the car. And then my tears turned from....MY BABY IS LEFT WITHOUT THE FOOOODDDDDDD....

Long night.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Oh Kara, I hear you! I hope Mollie's feeling better- the daycare crud is the worst. (We're on cold #4, picked up right after we got done with an ear infection... Woohoo?).

And I hope you find time to breathe!