Friday, March 1, 2013

4 Months Old

Our baby is 4 months old today!

We have a 4 month old.

That is crazy.

She has now earned the nickname 'Monkey' because she is so active and kicks and moves, and tries to climb all over the place.

Happy Birthday Monkey! 

My advice to new parents out gets SO much better. With every day that passes, she is more fun, smiley, sweeter, more cuddly and just downright happy! 

Dr. Harvey Karp is quite right. Babies are really not quite ready to be born until they're 3 months old, but that is biologically impossible for humans because our noggins are too big. 

I had lunch with a girlfriend who has two kids when Mollie was about 2 months old. It was a particularly rough day in my life as a mom, and I walked into lunch, hair askew, tears running down my face, and holding a list of questions. Not a figurative list, and actual, real, paper list of questions.
Question #1: When do babies turn fun?
Question #2: When do babies stop screaming?
Question #3: When do babies learn to nap?

and so on....

I cannot thank this friend enough for not laughing in my face, but I was serious. Those days were hard.  These days, they're better. They're great!

Happy 4 month Birthday Mollie Monkey Moo.  

I am certain you are reading this blog post.

After all, you are a very advanced 4 month old.

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