Friday, March 8, 2013


Sometimes I think we should have read some of those parenting books.

On my first day of Kindergarten I met this little girl. I decided that day that I really liked her and wanted her to be my friend forever. That little girl was quite unsure of me, but I pushed my way in and informed her that we would be friends. Realizing that I was quite persistent, she gave in and we became buddies somewhere in our 5th year of life.

And I got my wish. She has been my friend since that day. And will be my friend forever. Persistence works.

And now, I am the luckiest girl in the world because this incredible friend works at Mollie's daycare and makes sure the Monkey Moo gets extra love and kisses.

And she provides helpful hints on parenting.

Which are more like common sense things we should have innately known but somehow failed to realize.

Example #1:
Baby socks are the dumbest invention ever. They do not stay on. However, the baby needs to wear socks because it is cold outside. Enter...knee highs. I found some socks at Baby Gap that extend up to her knees, thereby staying on her feet. They were fit tight, and sat high up on her leg, and I was proud of my find.

Until the aforementioned forever friend called me to discuss the fact that my child was losing circulation in her legs. Yes, my child's face may look like her father, but her legs look like her mother; this girl has some serious calves and thighs. And those fabulous knee high socks that I found were digging in to her legs.

But they also stayed on her feet!

We receive a weekly newsletter from daycare each week for all of the parents in the whole school (I don't know how many people this newsletter goes to, but I would guess it is well over 100 people). That week, there was a reminder for the parents, "Please make sure your child's socks are not too tight, and cutting off circulation in their legs."


Example #2:
We got a call from forever friend at daycare earlier this week telling us that Mollie was refusing her bottle. (Not normal..this kid eats like a ravenous dog)  She looked closer and smelled the nipple on her bottle and noticed there was blue soap residue and it wreaked of Dawn.

And this is where I sold out my husband.


I may have been responsible for the sock incident of 2013, but he is entirely responsible for the soap incident of 2013.

Yes, the paranoid, ultra-clean husband cleaned the baby's bottles by drenching them in Dawn dish soap. He thought it would help to get them really, really clean. Unfortunately forgetting that soft plastic is permeable and that Dawn would seep into the nipple and would never come out.

And so our child was refusing her bottle because it was a delectable mix of breast milk and Dawn dish soap. Mmmm, delish!

And of course...the daycare weekly update...

"Just one reminder this week, we have noticed multiple breast milk bottles, from multiple families, are smell like dish detergent and often your infant is refusing the bottle. Please make sure to not use too much soap with the bottles especially on the nipples. Ask us if you have any questions. Have a great weekend!"
We will read the books for the next kid.  This one is just the practice round.


KRISTIN said...

HAHAHAHAHA! That's amazing! socks! So dumb! All pants should just have footies until they're like 2 years old.

sjv said...

We had the same problem with baby socks. Until we found Okie Dokie brand socks at JCPenney's. There is nothing special about them - except they are a stretchy little cotton that STAY ON!

Kara Frank said...

ohh, I may need to try those. I found some lower socks at Baby Gap that seem to stay on, but I am still concerned about her circulation. Is there no happy medium between socks that stay on and losing feeling in your toes?!?