Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mollie stats....

Shortly after I announced that I was pregnant, a girlfriend from college also announced that she was pregnant.
And, our babies were due within about a week of eachother.
She is also a blogger.
She is much more bloggingly-organized than me.
She links to other sites, has the fabulous buttons, and knows how to do many more advanced bloggingly-skilled things than I do.

She also has great topic ideas. When she was pregnant she did a monthly 'stat' page with where she was at in her pregnancy. I stole her idea, because it was fun.

Now, she has continued to do it with the baby, so I plan to steal the idea from her once again. Thanks, go read her blog too!

So let's just pretend Mollie was born at 5 months old because I have not done this for the first 4 months of her life. The first 4 were not nearly as interesting as the 5th one anyways. I can summarize them....

Baby screams.
Baby poops.
Baby cries.
Baby is cute.
Baby doesn't sleep.
Tonight the baby slept.
Baby is back to not sleeping again.

There ya go. Her first 4 months in a nutshell.'s getting fun....

Mollie Cate by the numbers: 
Weight: 15 pounds 2 ounces (75th percentile)
Length: 24 1/2 inches (75th percentile)
She's very proportionate 

Sleep: Getting worse by the day. Much to my dismay. Generally 7:30pm - 2:30am  and then 3:00am - 6:30am. I'm ready to sleep train her. I was ready to sleep train her months ago. Mama is tired but I know it could be worse.

Feeding: She is exclusively breastfed and we will be starting cereal in the next month when she's a bit closer to 6 months old. Feeding solid food scares me so I have elected Jeremy as the "food captain". I am the "milk captain".

Diaper Size: size 2 (but her thighs are starting to bust out of them....little lady has her mama's thighs)

Clothes Size: She is well into her 3-6 month clothes. She can still wear 3 month clothes on top, but little lady's legs do not quite accommodate the tiny pants.
Hair Color: Dark Brown with a bit of red. It is getting lighter by the day. And she has a huge bald spot in the back from sleeping on her back. Back is best. Except for balding patterns.
Eye Color: They're like a dark greyish leaning towards brownish color
Milestones: SO many. Grabbing and holding objects, listening to everything around her, rolling back to front and front to back...and then...the most fun development (sometimes)....sound discovery. She has found her voice. It started as just laughter, and now it is laughter, squeals, blowing raspberries (see video below), jibberish and every other sound that could come out of a child's mouth. She lays in her bed at night and just talks and laughs, blows raspberries, squeals, babbles. It is HILARIOUS.
She is pretty proud of her ability to blow raspberries. As you can see, she takes them very seriously.

Nicknames: Mollie Monkey Moo, Monkey pants, Moll and Mollzers

The month in photos....
Sometimes she dresses like her Grandma Beth

Mollie playing with buddy Margot. They insisted on wearing their matching outfits.

She is quite skilled at holding things.

Mollie and Mama

And...she visited the Easter bunny. She clearly knows she's Jewish and therefore should not be visiting the Easter bunny based on the look on her face. "Gosh mom, the Easter bunny is not for Jews. Get me out of here. They know I'm not supposed to be here. MOM...get me out of here" - Mollie
 So there ya have it....the monkey is 5 months old! Every single month has been better than the last so I can only imagine how great this next one will be. She is hilarious. I literally lay on the ground with her laughing hysterically. Crying laughing. She laughs, then I laugh, and it goes back and forth like this for a very long time. 

Who knew babies were so funny???!!


Mel said...

Hahaha! The Easter Bunny crack me up! :)

Happy Passover!

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