Friday, April 19, 2013

Conference Report

So, Minnesota is a ridiculous state. And, it snowed about 100 feet yesterday. In the middle of April.

That sucked.

But, the worst part was....that I missed conferences. Yes, after driving for 2 hours on my normally 30 minute commute, I was not even close to her daycare.

I called Jeremy in a panic.  He said it was just fine, that he could probably handle our conference for our 5.5 month old child on his own.

How could I miss conferences. Her first school conference ever.

So, I requested that they conference call me in.  I could not miss this occasion.

And so, I sat in traffic, and Jeremy and Mollie's teachers talked me through her conference.

We learned that she excels in 'use of her hands' and has a very strong grip. She can lift an entire play mat and will take it along with her if someone tries to pull her away from it. She is learning to use her voice (i.e. screaming happy screams. She shared this skill with the entire airplane to Florida last week) And, she is already starting to show strong signs of stranger anxiety. Of course, our child would already demonstrate anxiety. And finally, she gets hangry (hungry + angry), and needs to be fed immediately when she is hungry.
This child is absolutely, without a doubt, 50% Kara and 50% Jeremy.

Hangry, strong and vocal....Kara

Anxiety ridden at age 5.5 months....Jeremy

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