Monday, April 15, 2013

First foods

I love to eat.
Jeremy loves to eat.
Mollie loves to drink milk.

So we had every reason to believe she would love to eat food.

At her 4 month appointment, her pediatrician told us that he would like her to be eating baby cereal by her 6 month appointment. He wanted to see her start eating a bit around 5 months and then taking 2 'meals' a day around 6 months.

That scared me.
I'm not really sure why, but the whole concept of feeding solid foods to a baby sacred me.
There are so many theories out there about when you should feed solid foods to a child for reasons of obesity and food allergies. Some say start with rice cereal, others say rice cereal is the worst. Some say start with meat, others say avocado, still others say to just start giving your kid full pieces of food and let them gum it and try it.

This was too much for me to handle. Too many opinions, too many people thinking they are the authority on the right thing to do, and let me tell you, everyone has an opinion. And they all want to share it.

One tells me that her little Suzy was eating roast beef by the time she was 5 months old and just loves it.
Another says that rice cereal contains arsenic and her baby Fred eats nothing but avocado and yogurt.
A third says her little Mary takes oatmeal and applesauce.

And they will all tell you that their way is the correct way. And the only way.

And so I folded. I said I'm out. I handed this task over to Jeremy and ya go! I am the milk captain for the baby. I informed him that he was named the food captain. I asked him to do the research. He could decide when to start.  He should pick the first foods. He could make all of the decisions because I felt paralyzed with information.   I made all of the milk decisions, so he was to make the food decisions. Seemed fair.

And so, the food captain decided that April 14th was the day.

So, at 5.5 months old, Mollie Monkey Moo Frank had some oatmeal.
I thought the world would collapse.

Turns out she really liked it. And ate the whole bowl. And grabbed the bowl when she was done and wanted more.

I guess she was ready for food.

My baby is growing up!

And then she proceeded not to sleep at all last night. Like really DID NOT SLEEP. So I guess she still is a baby.

She was fairly unsure about those first few bites. And she was worried. She's always worried.

Mollie and her Grandmas (my mom and my aunt...yes, they're identical twins) at her first dinner
So all in all it was a very fun experience and I didn't need to be scared. 

I promise never to tell anyone that my way of introducing solid foods to a baby is the right way.

And now...we have an eater just like her parents! But I think, like her parents, she would much rather have a cookie than oatmeal mixed with breastmilk. Someday monkey. Someday soon.

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