Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Parenting Fail

Last night I decided to put a little stuffed animal in Mollie's crib with her because the pediatrician said she could have a small stuffed toy now in her crib. I thought it would make her feel comforted if she woke up at night.

She woke up about midnight and must have seen it in her crib and got scared because she didn't know what it was. She screamed like she was being chased by a tiger. Mollie screamed and screamed until Jeremy ran in there and found her staring at it and wailing.

It was both hilarious and really sad.

She was so scared of the teddy bear in the night.

Who knew!

Parenting fail.


Scorpicon said...

Kids are scared of weird things. I was terrified of the wood grain pattern (it looked like a screaming ghoul) in my bedroom door as a child and always had a poster over it so I couldn't see it at night.

Kara Frank said...

that's hilarious - wood grain can be pretty frightening.

Unknown said...

Too funny! I hope it was an especially adorable one!

Can't say we've ever had that issue, but Calvin does still wake up screaming occasionally because he's woken himself up by rolling over and doesn't remember how to fall asleep on his belly - he will fall back to sleep as we roll him back over. Wouldn't it be funny to be in these babies' brains sometimes?!

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