Monday, May 20, 2013

A busy mom's dream

I am a new mom. But, I don't really want to look like a new mom.

I really like to shower. Wear clean clothes. Look presentable.

I work in a professional office, and I believe image is important. I really do not want to show up to work everyday wearing clothes that don't fit, have spit up all over them, and look like I found them at the bottom of the hamper.   At least not everyday.

However, given the choice of activities, I would always choose playing with my daughter over shopping for new clothing.

After I went back to work, I really needed some fresh clothes in my office but could not find time, energy, or desire to go shopping.
And, when I finally did, I would buy the same things over and over.

I have approximately 25 black tank tops, 7 pink v-neck sweaters, 5 navy cardigans and 6 black skirts

Please don't ever let me buy any of these things again.

Enter Stitch Fix.

One of my mama friends, who is also a blogger, found this online styling service and she blogged about it: Laura's Blog

I was intrigued, and signed up immidiatly. It seemed pretty low risk. Pay $20 for someone to research you, and send you clothing that they thought would fit your body type, personality and profession.  If I bought something, that $20 was deducted from my purchase.

Basically a dream come true.

It seemed a little too good to be true.

I thought the clothes would be awful, ugly, poor quality, generic and wouldn't fit.  I was so wrong. I was absolutely delighted to find that everything in the box was unique, fit (except one dress that was shorter than I am comfortable wearing), was absolutely my style, and absolutely fit my needs.

The best thing is that they include styling cards which tell you two different ways to wear the article of clothing. Typically, it demonstrates one casual option, and one work option for each article of clothing.

In the first box, I kept 3 of the items (shown below) and in my second box, I kept everything. They give you a 25% discount if you keep it all, and each article of clothing is very reasonably priced.

I cannot tell you how much I love this service.  Fresh clothes arrive at my doorstep whenever I ask. They fit within my comfort zone, but are not things that I would typically pick, which is good.

I had a friend in High School who told me that when I'm shopping, I should consider if the article of clothing that I am purchasing fulfills a different category in my closet that I don't already have. I am terrible at this.  I love blue tee shirts. And grey hoodies. And pink V-neck sweaters. And navy jackets. can even tell them to send you clothes for a particular event. Example: Please send me 5 dresses that would be appropriate for a summer wedding in a garden.   or  Please send me casual clothing for an upcoming trip to Arizona where each item is no more than $60.

Use this link if you want to give it  a try and let me know what you think!
Stitch Fix

Items in my first Stitch Fix box:


NechamaB said...

I think you may have just changed my life.
I can't wait to try this out! I am desperate for a wardrobe re-vamp!

Debra Fiterman said...

I should be getting my first box this week! Quite excited.

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