Monday, June 24, 2013

Plank Position

Our daughter is learning to crawl. In fact, she is moments away from crawling. Her newest skill is plank position:
She does this ALL. THE. TIME.

I am very proud of my mini yogi. Plank position is not easy and this little yogi does it with ease.  (Please note her biceps. This girl has big guns! Okay, fine, they're chub rolls. But they look like muscles)

For our honeymoon, Jeremy and I traveled to Thailand. While in Phuket, Thailand we took a yoga class at our resort (I love yoga).  We found that yoga is particularly difficult when there is a massive language barrier and thus you cannot understand the teacher.   The teacher would direct us to do a particular move and Jeremy and I would stare at each other and then fall over laughing because we couldn't understand a word they were saying.   Full blog post from 2009 is located here:  Yoga in Thailand   

One of the poses that our Thai Yoga instructor would call out was something that sounded like, "Plak possitoon"   He would call out, very, very loudly....Plak possitoon (Plank Position).   Now, every time the baby does this we shout....Plak possitoon.

This baby must think we are nuts.

My friend Debra once said to me that sometimes she feels bad for her daughter because she didn't get a 'real mom'. She feels like she doesn't know what she is doing so she is a 'fake mom'. Our moms, now they are REAL moms. We, are have no idea what we are doing. They're experts. Real moms wouldn't shout, "Plak possitoon" when their daughter climbs into plank.

Sorry Molls, you got a fake mom.

But at least we're having fun!


Robyn said...

I love that Mollie is already doing Yoga!!! Clearly she got her mom’s athletic ability. I disagree on the real mom thing. Our real (and amazing) mom did plenty of goofy stuff. For example she thought a donut was a perfectly acceptable after school snack. My guess is that Debra’s amazing and wonderful mom also did plenty of goofy stuff. I hate to break to you ladies but you are real moms. :) I just hope I will be half as good at being a mom as any one of the four of you.

Unknown said...

So awesome! And so glad to have a fellow "Fake Mom" to swap stories with. Can't wait to see you on the 13th - hopefully we can get our kiddos to have a little yoga session together? (We keep teasing Calvin that he's trying to copy Luigi because his favorite pose is downward dog!)