Thursday, June 27, 2013


My kid is hilarious.  And has amazing comedic timing.

This morning I was running around the house, per usual, putting laundry in the washer, trying to get ready for work, and putting all of Miss Mollie's things in my car for our ride to daycare.  I ran up the stairs in my work shoes, tripped...and fell flat on my face in front of Mollie.

She looked at me with a momentary glimpse of concern, and then started laughing in the biggest belly laugh I have ever heard.

I was offended for a hot second. And then joined in with the belly laughing. Which caused Jeremy to join in with the belly laughing. Which turned into Mollie laughing hysterically in her car seat, me laughing while lying face down on the stairs, and Jeremy standing at the top of the stairs, in a suit and tie, laughing at the two of us.

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