Thursday, July 18, 2013

And she's off

I tried to deny it, but I can't do it anymore.

My baby is growing up.

Way too fast.

I know she's only 8.5 months old, but as of Monday-ish...she's crawling.

She's actually a crawling machine.  You cannot take your eyes off of her for a minute or she's gone.  

Literally last weekend she was not crawling. Now, she's proficient. 

Slow down baby...don't grow up so fast. 

Can I please press the pause button? Just keep her right where she is. An absolutely perfect 8.5 month old bundle of smiles, giggles, pudge and fun.

Yes, we did dress her in her pink tutu and let her crawl around the house. But really, have you ever seen anything so cute in your life? Naked baby in a pink tutu.  

If you find the freeze frame button on life please let me know.

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