Monday, July 8, 2013

Great, fabulous, wonderful weekend.

Happy 4th of July
We had a long 4th of July weekend and it was GREAT.  I cannot think of another weekend where we literally did only fun things, every day (except for some laundry due to the fun activities)

We started the weekend with a 4th of July BBQ with friends. Our daughters swam in their kiddie pool. They embraced the 4th of July spirit by putting on patriot masks.

Mollie recited the Gettysburg address for everyone at the BBQ.  She's very advanced.  Her friend Margot listened intently as Mollie explained the importance of human equality.

Mollie enjoyed her friend Margot's kiddie pool so much that we decided to buy her, her very own pool. Hours of entertainment from a $7.99 pool.

One of Jeremy's oldest and dearest friends came in town to visit us and we enjoyed a great dinner out, as well as some Mollie play time.

One of my very best friends was in town too so we got to see her...and swim with her in the pool at her mom's house. The same pool she and I swam in nearly every day as children. Now I was back, with my daughter, swimming in the same pool.

We spent some time with Jeremy's brother, our sister in law, niece and nephew. Swimming again. That was the theme of the weekend.

Swimming with friends. 

And finally, we visited my parents and sister. Who is expecting twins. On Friday!!!!!!!  Did I mention that my sister is having BABIES????? ON FRIDAY!!!!


Randee said...

ON MY BIRTHDAY! Oh those babies will be so special!!! :). They will share their birthday with their cousin's cousin! :) lol
Mazal Tov Auntie Kara and Uncle Jeremy! And that Mollie is so stinkin cute! Hope I'll get to meet her sometime

Mel said...

Looks like you had a fabulous 4th of July weekend. Best wishes to your sister!