Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Shirt

While browsing Pinterest I came across a very unique men's tee shirt pinned by Nordstrom.
Topman Leopard Print T-Shirt

I sent Jeremy a photo of this aforementioned tee shirt and informed him that I ordered it for him in his size.

Jeremy's Response: "I hate to ask this in case you are offended, but for real?"

There a lot of things wrong with this situation:

A. If I did find this tee shirt super attractive, and wanted him to wear it, I would have been offended by his response. 

B. Men shouldn't wear leopard print. 

C. Women really shouldn't wear leopard print either.

D. Dear husband of mine....why on earth would I order this horrible shirt for you???? Yes, I am joking.

E. I actually think the cuffed sleeves are the worst part of the whole thing for me. 

Come on Nordstrom. Do better.


Mel said...

I tagged you in an instagram photo. Check it out. I think you'll love it!

Unknown said...

This shirt and blog post make me happy.