Thursday, August 22, 2013

She's on the move

First she was sitting up. 
Then crawling. 
And she skipped walking and moved on to driving.
I know you're not supposed to spoil your child, but really, we are not.  
We waited a whole 9.5 months before buying her a car.  
She's waited long enough. 
It's time she learns to drive.

Plus, those runs to daycare and back are exhausting.  Now, she can roll in, in style. 

(Public service announcement: this is not our car. We are not so crazy that we got our child's name imprinted on our license plate. It is a random person in the Target parking lot's car.  Sorry random person, but you have my child's nick name on your car. Therefore it must be photographed.  If anyone out there has a license plate that reads any of the following: Toots McGee, Moll McGinty, Monkey Moo, MolMol or Bunny Bean, I will also photograph your license plate.  And wonder why you have a license plate that says Toots McGee.)

Monday, August 19, 2013


This past weekend we went for an early morning run around the lake. Miss M likes to wake up at the crack of dawn so we always get up and go for a run with her.

After the run, we often visit one of the local farmer's markets for some coffee, veggies and pastries.  Yep, pastries.  We go to the farmers market and buy pastries.

We were in line at the bakery and started chatting with the people in line behind us.  They were holding a dog and I was holding Mollie. Girlie loves dogs.  She jumps out of my arms and wants to touch every dog she sees. She finds them hilarious and cannot stop laughing when she seems them. She insists on petting every dog.  We chit-chatted a bit about the baby, and the dog, and then it was my turn to order.

I looked at the cashier and ordered while Mollie was still pretty focused on the people behind us and the dog. I wasn't paying attention to what she was doing as I held her and ordered, while trying to balance baked goods and baby.

Finally I get our food and look at my child and see that she has her entire arm in the lady's purse.
I stared at Mollie and watched as she pulled something out of this stranger's purse.
I screamed and made an incredibly uncomfortable situation infinitely more uncomfortable by my reaction. The lady jumped as she noticed the baby's arm in her purse, and me, the lunatic, screaming and making a scene.

And then I grabbed my pastries, and my klepto baby, looked at the lady and screamed, "I'm sorry, I really promise I didn't train her to do that, I swear, I'm sorry...I'm really sorry.." as I ran to the car with the reddest face you have ever seen.

Continuing to apologize all the way to the car.
While holding baby.
And pastries.
And red faced.

The lady was long gone and I continued to say, I'm sorry, I swear, we are not thieves. I promise.

My child, the Klepto.  And a hoarder.  And so darn cute.

Monday, August 12, 2013


My child is a hoarder - a Cheerios hoarder.

They are her absolute favorite food.

She loves them, and loves to share them with her dogs.

She holds her Cheerios tightly in her hands as though it's the last one she will ever get. She clings to them and treasures every Cheerio. (note: we give her as many as she wants, it's not like she is Cheerio deprived)

Today she was a little under the weather so she stayed home from daycare. We put her in her highchair for breakfast, gave her some Cheerios and watched the Today show.

She excitedly ate them and then fell asleep with one in her mouth.

Breakfast in bed
 I moved her up to her crib because that didn't seem like the best place to nap.  She slept hard for almost 3 hours and then woke up looking like she had been out partying all night.

And then we found this in her crib.  A cheerio. Yep, the hoarder clung so hard to her Cheerio that she held it in her hands for 3 hours while napping.

I'm actually most surprised that she didn't eat it when she woke up. A warm, pre-softened Cheerio with 3 hours of nap sweat. Delish.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Mollie is learning sign language at daycare.  She has really only mastered one sign, bottle.  It's no shock that my child would pick up on the sign for food first.  That's my girl!

Normally, I find this new found skill to be quite helpful.

However last night, she kept signing 'bottle' but I was trying to feed her solid food.  I made oatmeal for her and used milk, and told her...look...milk is going IN your food.

Yes, I have full conversations with my child and expect her to understand what I'm saying.

No, I don't believe in any form of baby talk so we don't use phrases like "paci, ba-ba or milkey". Sorry. That just drives me nuts.  We say pacifier, bottle and milk.

Anyways, as I was explaining to her the logic that since milk was going in her oatmeal, that she didn't need a bottle... my husband reminded me that:
A. She has no idea what I am saying
B. If you want water, Jello is not going to satisfy the urge (and so, therefore, if you want milk, oatmeal just isn't going to cut it)

Good point Mr. Frank...good point.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Doing all the wrong things

I'm not so good at following the rules. I see the rules, I understand them, and then I interpret them in my own way. I'm also not an excellent listener. Well, that's not totally true...I'm really good at listening to things that I shouldn't be listening to (i.e. other people's conversations), but I am terrible at listening to things that are intended for my ears.

And this week has been a shining example of not following the rules. 

It was really beautiful outside all week so we kept the baby up past her bedtime almost every night so we could take her, and the dogs, for a walk around the lake.
She lived.

One night she woke up really lonely in her crib. She cried and cried for us to come in. Normally we do the 'Ferber' method and rub her back, calm her down, and then let her fall back to sleep on her own.  This time, I just picked her up and held her, and cuddled her, for over an hour. Because she's cute, and sweet, and little. And she won't be little forever. And because I cannot pause time, even though I REALLY REALLY want to. So I just stayed up with her, and held her, and we played, and sang, and blew raspberries at each 1:00am. YOLO.
She didn't brake, she slept fine the next night.

Last night we had no food in our house, so after our evening walk around the lake we decided to have frozen yogurt for dinner. And feed some to the baby. She loved it.  Her Grandma Beth would be so proud.
She didn't reject all normal food after said feeding of fro yo, and was not on a 'sugar high'. She was fine. Yes, sometimes we eat fro yo for dinner. It has protein. And calcium.

My best friend Debra informed a few weeks ago that our pediatrician provided us with a sheet which outlined infant feeding, foods to introduce, how much milk they should get etc....  Clearly, I had thrown mine away immediately, so she dug hers out and scanned it to me.   
I took the sheet and shoved it in a drawer.  
Yesterday she told me that apparently they're supposed to get a certain amount of fruits/vegetables/grains per meal. 
As explained on that sheet. 
Which she dug out for me weeks ago. 
And scanned to me.   
And I shoved in a drawer. 
I was just feeding her things that I thought sounded good. Woops.
I think that by the looks of her thighs, she's doing okay.

I hope she turns out to be a well adjusted kid. We don't really know what we are doing, we are making it up as we go along. At the very least, she will like fro yo and cuddles. And really, that's all that is important.

And oh, how my definition of 'breaking the rules' has changed. Feeling old.